1. No Skiers on the mountain!

Skiers on the mountain

Because HOW ON EARTH can you ride through this without a skier cutting you up as they traverse across the piste?

2. Lifts to open waaaaayyyy into the night

Queenstown Resort Medium image

Because this looks epic!

3. Landing an AWESOME trick

We want to be able to do this now, please.

4.To never have to walk down steps again.

Steps are lame, and this looks cool.

5. Heli-boarding

Riding the deepest pow-pow in the world looks like the best thing EVER!

6. An end to the Skiers vs. Boarders debate

We’re better. Get over it.

7. To become a snowboard instructor



To spread snowboarding joy throughout the land.
Become a snowboard instructor, check out our 2016 courses.
And try Heli-boarding here!

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