The Ultimate Heli Boarding Experience

Heli boarding adventure in Canada

Fed up of the lift queues in Europe and need a fresh challenge? Join us on our heli boarding preparation course and you’ll experience the ultimate in off piste.

We will ensure you’re prepared to day, spending 5 days of your holiday refining your technique and honing your skills with professional instructor. We will give you the powder confidence you need for heli boarding.

At the end of your holiday, you’ll literally reach the summit! A once in a lifetime heli boarding day where you’ll see magnificent views as you fly over white topped mountains. Get the adrenalin rush of a lifetime as you jump on your board to take on the endless snow fields.

What’s included in the price?

We want you to focus on your heli board prep, so we’ve incorporated everything into one package. We sort out your entire trip from flights, to lift passes, instruction and heli skiing equipment.

Your Holiday

Holiday Package
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation – Alpine Inn
  • Lift pass
  • 5 days of off piste training
  • 1 day heli board experience
  • Heli boarding equipment
  • Optional 2nd day of heli at a discounted rate
Off Piste Training

Training includes

  • On piste assessment of ability and style
  • Stance and balance
  • Shallow off piste training – tailored to the groups ability
  • Pressure control (very important for back country boarding)
  • Turning on shallow and steep slopes
  • Handling steeps, deeps and treelines
  • Identifying safe routes
  • Identifying avalanche risks
The Heli Experience
  • The day starts with breakfast at the Heliport
  • A safety brief & route planning discussion
  • You’ll then enjoy up to 5 heli drops
  • During the day you’ll have a packed lunch on the mountain (the best lunchtime view you’ll ever have)
  • Once the day is over, we’ll take you back to the hotel & you can reflect on the awesome day!

The routes will be chosen based on your skiing ability, confidence and how much you want to be challenged. The number of heli drops depends on the length of the runs and weather conditions.

  • Day 1: Flights from the UK
  • Day 2: Panorama Mountain Tour & day one off piste training
  • Day 3: Day 2 off piste training
  • Day 4: Day 3 off piste training – Getting deeper, steeper & looking for trees
  • Day 5: Free day to practice explore and rest.
  • Day 6: Day 4 off piste training – mastering the technique
  • Day 7: Day 5 off piste training – preparing for the big day
  • Day 8: Breakfast at the Heliport and up and away for the best day of your life
  • Day 9: Free-ride day – or your chance to fly again, up to 50% discount
  • Day 10: Home time

During the 14 day holiday you will enjoy a few more free-ride and rest days between training – so you can really practice your technique and enjoy Panorama Resort.


Panorama, BC, Canada

Level required?
You must be comfortable snowboarding European Blue runs

10 Nights: £2495
14 Nights: £2950

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