Peter Ward

“I am having a fantastic time at hidden valley. There is a great feel of community around the resort and everyone is more than happy to help. It is a small instructor team but full of character – very easy to fit into the team and make a name for yourself.”

Living in Elkwater is very convenient for working at the hill. Its a small community but has a hall with wifi, a gym, pool table, table tennis and a big TV. There is lots to do around the area such as the ice skating trail and ice rink, we even get free skate rental. There is a small store to buy food but mostly we get a lift into town with other employees from the hill. There are three places to eat out but we mainly do a big weekly shop and then dont head into town until the week after unless there is a film on or we’re heading for a meal out in town with other staff. The house is fantastic with 5 single rooms, two bathrooms and a big kitchen and lounge. Its full stocked up with house hold items, including washer and dryer. It’s very cheap for the size of the house. There is also a van available to take us into work (3minute drive)

The wage is probably the best in the country and we have standard 8 hour days (Wednesday-friday) and plenty of work on the weekends, normally 3-8 hours. We have every Monday and Tuesday off. On days off we normally go to Castle Mountain as we get to ski for free and accommodation is about $25-30, its about a 3 hour drive from our resort. I’ve also been able to take a long weekend off and go on a 4 day ski trip to a bigger resort. We also get training most Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays for an hour each day so we can work towards level two. The training is varied and always gives you something to work on.

Most the work is school groups as its not a destination resort but a local hill for the towns around the area. There are up to 250 kids a day during the week and kid camps and private lessons on the weekend. Most people here have worked for the hill for a few years because the money is very good and the atmosphere is relaxed with lots of free ski time.





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