Amazing 21/22 Season at Panorama


We’d had to wait a long time thanks to Covid, but boy was it worth it. As the Panorama 21/22 season finally comes to an end, we look back on an epic 4 months and some amazing moments and results.

November 21

It started with the Interns, as it always does! After a mad dash to avoid  looming Covid restrictions, we couldn’t have had a better start to the season. The conditions were great and everyone hit the ground running, excited to finally be back on the snow.

Training was intense, but at the end of the three weeks we had 11 new Level 1 instructors, ready to get out there and teach for Christmas.

It was a proper learning curve as everyone settled into their new lives as bonafide instructors. From great kids to horrible kids, everyone had their fair share of highs and lows. But as experience grew so did the confidence. And before you knew it they were all hardened instructors, ready to take on the world (and the odd bratty client!).

January 22

Soon it was the turn of the Ski Patrol and Fast Track 7 Weekers, coming out at the start of January. The snow Gods blessed them, by giving some of the best power conditions for their arrival. Ready to have fun and hit the mountain hard, and the bar and the common room….

Over the 7 weeks, 27 joined us on the slopes. It was crazy, it was fun, it was hard work. But thanks to our clients and their amazing instructors, we had some of the best pass rates on record, even with the odd broken wrist!

100% pass rate on the Level 2 ski, that’s 16 new instructors ready to get out and teach next season. 5 newly qualified patrollers, ready to go out and save our skins when we get into trouble. 3 new Level 2 snowboard instructors, and 5 new level 1’s.

In between all this hard work, we had a lot of good times off the slopes. We crammed in the fun.  Ice skating and barbecue on the lake, snowmobiling, paragliding and Heli skiing to name a few. In fact by the time everyone got ready to leave, most of us needed a holiday to recover!

March 22

As the season tracked on, the interns kept up the good work at the ski school. But soon it would be their turn, and at the end of March it was time for the next set of Level 2 exams. After a season of teaching and training, everyone was feeling as prepared as they could, and it showed. Again, 100% Level 2 pass rate for all our interns, what an incredible result.

So incredibly proud of everyones hard work. A huge thanks to the amazing instructors for making the Panorama 21/22 season so successful. From the amazing Level 4’s, Will, Cam, Drew and Jason. To the Ski Patrol team Rachel, Neil and Ryan to name a few. To Harry and Craig for all their help behind the scenes. And especially Ali for keeping the schedule running and her fantastic instruction.

Also a big shout out to Maci and Talia. Thanks to Maci and everyone who entered photos and videos, we have now entered the Digital 21st century and have a TikTok account. They say a picture paints a thousand words, well TikTok just exploded that.

We of course, back here at the Wintersports HQ. Like to think we had our part to play, but we know who the real stars are. Thanks again to everyone who made this such an epic season.


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