Should I Plan a Gap Year?

Ski Gap year

Result season is upon us and whatever the outcome there are many options to sift through and decisions to be made – including planning a gap year. Through it all remember, it is not the end of the world if you didn’t quite get the grades.

Over the next week or two Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be lit up with celebs mentioning how they didn’t quite get the grades at school. Whilst they are right, some of the most successful people in the world didn’t get top marks, it is also worth noting some did, and decided higher education just wasn’t for them. So, don’t fret, everything happens for a reason and it is time to look at the opportunities ahead.

The next 12 months can shape your life, whether that is starting university, embarking on a different career path, re-sitting exams or taking time out to plan a gap year to work out what you want – and get a well-deserved rest after 14 years of school!

Gap Year Plan of Action

There is no right or wrong way to ‘do’ a gap year, whether your dream is to backpack across the globe, volunteer in Africa or take a course that gives you life-long qualifications, taking a year out will bring you life experience and opportunity. There are plenty of websites and companies out there offering gap year programmes, following this guide will help you plan the perfect gap year.

Gap year ski board instruct

This guide was put together by Winter Sports Company. Winter Sports Company offer gap year ski and snowboard opportunities in Canada, France and New Zealand. Contact 01548 831152 for more information or visit

Winter Sports Company specialise in winter gap years, running ski instructor courses, snowboard instructor courses and ski instructor internships across the world in Europe, Canada and New Zealand. We’re always happy to help with friendly advice.

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