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Buying a Snowboard

Snowboarders should look for an all-mountain snowboard suitable to all conditions. A freestyle board is too soft and not suitable for a snowboard instructor course. The Krypto Magtek, Templar Magtek and Circuit Magtek are all-mountain boards available on the Rossignol website.

Buying Skis

The best skis for level 1 and 2 ski instructor courses can be seen in the all-mountain range. Having the right skis is important and park skis (including twin tips) are not really suitable and can make instructor training more difficult.

When choosing skis, the number in the name represents the width of the ski in mm under foot, and a wider ski performs better in the powder.

The Experience 77, 84 and 88’s are a slightly stiffer ski and are great for men. The Experience 88Ti W NX12 and the Experience 84 Ai W Xpress W 11 GW B93 White Sparkle aren’t as stiff and are a good choice for women.

The Hero Elite ST Ti SPX 12 Konect GW B880 Black is Ideal for anyone taking our level 3 course.

Ski Boots:

Whilst it can be tempting to purchase boots in the UK at a discount, we advise buying boots in resort. You will require a tight fighting boot that can be adjusted, and in the past we have had customers buy boots in the UK which are too big or too small and unable to be adjusted in resort – it often results in an additional purchase.

Whilst we do our best to provide advice for purchasing ski and snowboard equipment, we recommend doing your own research and getting the right gear for you.

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