BASI Qualifications – Alpine Ski Instructor

Founded in 1963 the British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) is the UK national training and grading provider for professional snowsport instructing and coaching qualifications.

The BASI is a member of the ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association) and its four levels of alpine ski instructor qualifications are recognised worldwide.

The BASI qualifications offered by The Winter Sports Company on our courses are as follows:

Alpine Ski Instructor – BASI Level 1

The Alpine Level 1 Instructor course is an entry level for those wishing to find employment in a non mountain environment i.e. Dry Slopes and Indoor Snowslopes.

The BASI qualification is attained on successful completion of a 5 day training and assessment course, a first aid course, 35 hours of snowsport school experience and a safe guarding children module.

Subjects covered on this course include:

  1. Ski Safety
  2. Planning, conducting and evaluating an instructing session
  3. The principles of how to understand and improve your skiing and ski teaching
  4. The FIS Rules of Conduct
  5. The structure of snowsport in the UK and its agencies
  6. Dealing with accidents and emergencies

Ski performance will require the execution of parallel turns on red and blue runs at a constant speed using a variety of short and long turns. Candidates must also demonstrate knowledge of how to achieve good posture and balance.

Alpine Ski Instructor – BASI Level 2

This BASI qualification is for those who have successfully completed the level 1 course and have 35 hours of snowsport school experience.

The course lasts for 10 days and is led by a BASI trainer who coaches ski development and assesses the candidates. To attain this BASI qualification candidates must be able to ski the piste, the bumps and steep terrain in a variety of snow conditions. They must also demonstrate they have the understanding and ability to instruct others safely in alpine skiing.

Subjects taught in the level 2 course include:

  1. Performance and technical understanding of Central Theme
  2. Freestyle
  3. Communication skills
  4. Developing ski performance
  5. Teaching principles
  6. Lesson planning and content
  7. Lesson flow and content
  8. Reviewing skills

Taking things further…

Should you want to progress past BASI Level 2, the next step is equal to the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) Level 3. For more information on , visit the BASI website.

Other Qualifications: