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Canadian travel changes from April 2015

Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) will be required for travel to Canada from April 2015

The Canadian Tourism Commission has advised The Winter Sports Company that from April 2015 people travelling to Canada will need to obtain an online authorisation before flying.

This will be known as an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorisation). The US and Australia have already adopted this system.

Before setting off to Canada you must apply online for an eTA. It will cost you $7 canadian dollars and will be valid for 5 years.

All you have to give is some basic personal information just as you would if you arrived today at passport control. The eTA should be granted within minutes.

The benefit of this electronic system is to make entry into Canada quicker and easier whilst protecting Canadian security.

So don’t panic – this does not come into force until 2015 and at the time of booking you will be advised by your travel company or flight operator.

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