Applications For 2018 Now Open!

It’s that time of year, snow has started falling in bucketloads across Canada, (seriously, Panorama got 27 cm), applications have opened for the 2018 Working Holiday Visa IEC programme, this is the best way to spend a season – or more – working in Canada.

Is your dream to eventually live in Canada? Most people do a Working Holiday prior to applying for permanent residency. If you’re heading on a ski internship or snowboard internship in 2018, look out for detailed info in your inbox – we’ll be sending a comprehensive application support pack.

How does the application process work?

Applicants need to enter a pool of candidates, and once the pool has been open a few weeks invites will be sent to people selected at random. It is a lottery system process and there is no time-frame to expect a visa invite, it could occur at any time from a few weeks after the application process opening. At the time of writing, there is no information available as to when invites will be sent – but historically they have started in December and ended in summer (August/September).

How many visas are available?

It depends on which country you are from. Some countries have a few hundred – and others have unlimited. Most our interns are from the UK and Ireland and the UK has an agreement of 5000 visas being available, which was increased to 6000 in 2016 and 7000 in 2017. Ireland usually has 7000 places. In the UK the number of applicants is usually more than the number of visas available (last year it is thought nearly 12,000 people applied for 7000 places).

Check out our visa information page for more info on what the IEC working holiday visa programme is, the age restrictions that apply and which countries are eligible.

How to apply

If you applied for an IEC visa last year and weren’t one of the lucky ones, you can use your existing login, but will need to re-enter the pool for 2018.

Four steps to your visa

1) Complete the Come to Canada questionnaire, which will take about 10 minutes. This checks your eligibility for the IEC Visa.

2) If you’re eligible for a visa, you’ll be given a personal reference code. Use this code to create your MyCIC account.

3) In your MyCIC account, complete and submit your IEC profile – you’re now fully registered for the Working Holiday visa pool 2018!

4) Keep everything crossed in the hope you will receive an ‘invitation to apply’ for a visa when they are released! If you get an invitation, it means a visa has been reserved for you and you need to start the application in your MyCIC account within 10 days.

Need more help?

Interns and customers of Winter Sports Company are eligible for comprehensive visa application support, contact the office on 01736 763402 or chat to your resort coordinator!

Visa information page

To sign up to an internship 2018/19, check them out here.

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