Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance

Founded in 1938, the Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance (CSIA) is Canada’s governing body for ski instructor qualifications and has over 20,000 members. The CSIA is recognized by the ISIA (International Ski Instructors Association), and its four levels of ski instructor qualifications are highly regarded.

The Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) is responsible for the training and development of ski instructors across Canada and around the world. The CSIA is a traditional four-level system, with each stage becoming progressively demanding.

2 CASI examiners demonstrating carving to group on WSC Ski instructor course

CSIA Certification

CSIA Level 1

The CSIA Level 1 is the entry level into the CSIA pathway. It is open to any skier over 14 years old who is a component parallel skier. The level 1 certifies instructors to teach beginner skiers to a basic parallel at an intermediate level. It exposes candidates to basic lesson plans using technical fundamentals, safe teaching, the role of the ski pro, guest service skills and teaching children. The 3-day continued assessment comprises the exam, though most candidates undertake some prior training. 3-5 Week CSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor Course


CSIA Level 2

Level 2 instructors make up the majority of CSIA Membership. It is available to anyone holding the CSIA Level 1 or equivalent snow park certification. The four-day teach and ski modules work to develop technical concepts and teaching methods. Qualifies instructors to teach intermediate skiers in situational environments. Consolidation of ski technique. Instructors are certified over a 2-day teach and ski exam. 6 Week Advanced CSIA Level 2 Ski Instructor Course


CSIA Level 3

A Level 3 instructor has a deepened understanding of ski technique and can teach in various situations and terrain. Once qualified at the Level 3 standard, instructors can work towards their ISIA Stamp. Candidates must prove they have completed 320 hours of education, attended a recognised First Aid course, and received Avalanche Skills training. All training hours, including first aid and avalanche skills, count towards the educational hours requirement. CSIA REQUIREMENTS FOR ISIA STAMP.


Trainers Designation

The CSIA trainers designation is the first step in the CSIA pedagogical pathway. It encourages experienced level 3 instructors to take their first steps towards becoming a course conductor. The trainers’ designation is also a prerequisite for participation in the Level 4 academy. Further training includes Level 1 Course conductor training and a trainers pro day. Upon successful completion of the trainers’ exam, candidates can begin their rookie process to become CSIA Level 1 course conductors. Trainers must hold the Level 4 certification to become Level 2, 3 and 4 course conductors.


CSIA Level 4

The highest level of certification qualifies instructors to teach at the expert level and train instructors. Level 4’s help to inspire guests and instructors alike and seek to promote the growth of the ski industry. Instructors holding the CSIA Level 3 and Trainers designation must pass the Level 4 selection camp to be eligible to participate in the Level 4 academy. The academy is an extensive training program designed to give instructors all the required tools and skill development to teach at the expert level. The academy concludes with a two-day final exam. Level 4 instructors can continue their pathway to becoming a level 2 course conductor. My Journey To Level 4 CSIA with Winter Sports Company

Snow Park Certification Course

This course is designed for any skier with park experience who wants an introduction to teaching snow park skills. It includes:

  1. An introduction to teaching snow park skills.
  2. Practical ski improvement and teaching methods with a technical understanding and development of the guest experience.
  3. Upon successful completion of the course, the candidate is certified to teach snow park skills up to and including intermediate skill levels.

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Ski Instructor Training In Canada

Here at the Winter Sports Company we have a range of extensive training courses and internships to get you certified with the CSIA, or help you reach the next level. Our locations include Panorama Mountain Resort, Sun Peaks Ski Resort and Revelstoke. We have short 3-5 week courses or season long internships with paid employment. Our courses set you up for success:

Full Season CSIA Level 2 Ski Instructor Internship

3-5 Week CSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor Course

6 Week Advanced CSIA Level 2 Ski Instructor Course

Level 3 Ski Instructor Internship with Guaranteed Job


Other Certifications

If you’re a client of the WSC and have questions about any of your CSIA courses and exams, please reach out to us.


Check out some Frequently Asked Questions related to ski instructing in Canada.

How Do You Become A Ski Instructor In Canada?

To become a ski instructor in Canada you must successfully pass the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) Level 1 instructor course as a minimum requirement. To increase your employability and work internationally, you need to obtain your CSIA Level 2 after further training. Similarly you can achieve a secondary pathway through the newly formed Professional Ski Instructors of Canada (PSIC). Both governing bodies’ qualifications and prior training programmes are available through the Winter Sports Company. Getting a ski instructor job in a resort will be achievable with these certifications and guidance.

How Much Do Canadian Ski Instructors Get Paid?

A typical salary ranges from $17-19 as a Level 1 ski Instructor to $19-22 as a Level 2. A level 3 instructor can start to make a good living with more hours and a higher wage of $23-28, depending on the resort. Private lessons and tips will help increase your take-home pay. When you reach fully certified Level 4 standard, you can maximise your earning potential and hours and become a sought-after commodity. This level will significantly increase your employability and offer many other gateways to earn a considerably well-paid salary.

What Is A Ski Internship?

A Ski Internship is the most affordable, full season programme involving ski instructor training, free skiing and a paid position within the snow school. A balanced yet immersive experience into the ski industry giving you world recognised qualifications and work experience allowing maximum improvement in teaching and overall confidence in a ski school role. The Winter Sports Company offer different versions of internships to suit different goals, so its worth understanding what is best for you.

How Quickly Can You Become A Ski Instructor?

If you are a capable skier, simply attending a three- or 5-day course and examination will entitle you to become a level 1 ski instructor upon successful completion. If you still need to gain sufficient skills, then a standard timeframe to train to this level can be around 3-4 weeks for Level 1 and another 5-7 weeks for Level 2. The Level 2 exams are completed within six days after the preparation and training.