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Great news…
If you’re heading on one of our Internships in 2016, you can begin the application process for a Canadian Working Holiday Visa now! And, there has been significant changes to the International Experience Canada visa applications process!

Unlike last year, a much fairer system has been put in place – application is no longer on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, but rather a lottery system. This means that you can register now and not have to worry about dodgy internet connection, computer crashes and anything else that can go wrong in time-pressure situations!

It is extremely likely there will be high demand for working holiday visas and you’ll want to be eligible for every round of release. In the past the visa release dates have been between December and March – so our advice is to register ASAP to ensure you don’t miss the first round!

How to apply

As the visas will be released through a lottery system, you need to be ready – which means creating a MyCIC account and entering the pool for the Working Holiday visa. On specific release dates, randomly selected of applicants will then be invited to apply for a visa.

Four steps to your visa

1) Complete the Come to Canada questionnaire, which will take about 10 minutes. This checks your eligibility for the IEC Visa

2) If you’re eligible for a visa, you’ll be given a personal reference code. Use this code to create your MyCIC account.

3) In your MyCIC account, complete and submit your IEC profile – you’re now fully registered for the Working Holiday visa pool 2016!

4) Keep your fingers, toes and everything else crossed in the hope you will receive an ‘invitation to apply’ for a visa when they are released! If you get an invitation, it means a visa has been reserved for you and you need to start the application in your MyCIC account within 10 days.


Need more help?

Interns and customers of Winter Sports Company are eligible for comprehensive visa application support, just contact the office on 01736 763402 or chat to your resort coordinator!

Visa information page

To sign up to an internship 2016/17, check them out here and book!

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