CASI Level 1 100% pass rate for all snowboarders.


CASI Level 1 100% Pass Rate

CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructors

Well Done!

From left to right.

Chrissie Sutton – Level 1 Snowboard Instructor

Forrest King – Level 1 Snowboard Instructor

Zoe Almond – Level 1 Snowboard Instructor

Mark Breckon – Level 1 Snowboard Instructor

Emrys Peirson – Level 1 Snowboard Instructor

Jonathan Woodhouse – Level 1 Snowboard Instructor

Robbie Kinsey – Level 1 Snowboard Instructor

Patrick Rooney – Level 1 Snowboard Instructor

Thanks to the guys in red for the CASI level 1 100% pass rate!

Andy Armstrong – Snowboard Trainer and Instructor – Sun Peaks Resort Sports School

Ian Logan – Course Conductor

So What’s Next?

For all skiers seeking to attempt a CASI level 1 course before the end of the season check out the  CASI website for information on what is expected of a CASI level 1 snowboard instructor. Or why not ask one of our newly qualified CASI level 1 instructors to teach you?

CASI Level 2 training begins on Tuesday 12th February. Andy will meet the snowboard group at 9.00am at the regular meeting point. Ian Logan has set out what he believes the boarders need to be working on and Andy has their progression mapped out for the next 6 weeks. In addition to working on their riding skills, Ian advised the boarders to work on their fitness and core body strength.- so expect to see the boarders in the gym and at Kyle’s Boot Camp!

All newly qualified instructors are advised to spend some time shadowing fellow snowboard instructors who work in the snow school at Sun Peaks Resort. Feel free to drop into the Kid’s Welcome area at 8.45am on either Saturday or Sunday and ask for the Kid’s lesson supervisor. You will be assigned an instructor to work with and help deliver a lesson to real customers.


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