Ski Instructor Raining above the clouds

Back to basics and stealing other peoples food

We begin training with the “Central Theme”, the BASI system for taking skiers from complete novice through to linking parallel turns. All BASI instructors need to be able to teach the “Central Theme” and demonstrate with a text book example.

Back to basics starts with how to put your skis on and mastery of the perfect snow plough. Moving on to parallel turns, we break down the physics of carving, how to use the rails, maintaining the correct posture, and keeping those *** feet apart!

Returning to Courmayeur for the Italian back holiday weekend, the town was heaving and everyone enjoyed a monster night out with a good dance and only a moderate amount of puking. Big up to Jack for his amazing dance moves, a kind of fusion of an Irish Jig with a lot of shuffling, looks like someone’s been practicing in front of the mirror!

On a gourmet front, the soup kitchen award goes to Iola for kindly letting Jack gobble her food and congratulations to Brad who turned out to be the dark horse in the ongoing eating competition by finishing his pizza before half of the group had even sat down.

Late night Harry?

Late night Harry?

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