BASI ski instructor course class of 2015

Training complete in a flash, now the real work begins!

Doesn’t look like it from the photo, but following a big dump of snow just over a week ago it’s been blue skies all the way in Courmayeur.

Half way through the course, the legendary Buster the instructor worked with everybody individually, to identify where their technique needed some improvement. For example Rob P needed to sharpen up his snow plough and parallel turns, and also put a little work into his short turns.

The beauty of a ski instructor course like this, is that all of the students work together to support and encourage each other. You really feel you are improving your technique as a group and it’s great to have your progress confirmed with positive feedback from the trainers.

The exams were more than a little nervy, with the best poker face of the trainer giving nothing away. So it was a great relief for everyone who passed – celebrated with a swift pint in the Super G bar and then into town for a few more…

We are now just over half way through the first week of working with the snow school as real paid ski instructors – woohoo! It’s a bit of an eye opener to begin with. Dealing with your first group of 8 kids, keeping them amused and behaved, especially when they don’t seem to know how to stand in a line. Overall, the first few days teaching skiing is already proving great fun and really rewarding.

Thanks to Buster and the rest of the team for your great work

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