Improve your skiing and take it to the next level.

These ski improvement courses are devised for immediate to advanced skiers wanting to break through those barriers and reach a higher plateau. If your are already a ski instructor and need to perfect your craft then look no further than our BASI or CSIA level 2 or 3 training programs.

Train alongside your peers and receive some of the best instruction from our CSIA level 4 instructors. These ski coaches are at the top of their game and devoted to helping you improve your technique. It’s a big step up from here so be ready for everything!

Work smart not hard!

You can do this journey yourself, or you can choose to get some help and understand what it’s like to have these trainers at your doorstep. These are no skiing holiday lessons.

In fact far from it. You will experience what it’s truly like to spend a season with these talented individuals. We will exceed your expectations in all facets and ensure you have every opportunity to progress to that next grade. Warren Buffet was asked: “What is the best thing to invest in during a recession?” he replied: in yourself!

Wise words from a wise man. So don’t fall foul to a wasted season; you’ve got this far. Now arm yourself with one of these high-end ski experiences and see where it takes you.

First season tips


Getting your Level 1 was a breeze. Now you are getting serious. This venture may be the first time you embark on such a long coaching program. So find out what to expect and how to prepare for an extended time training in the resort.

How to Prepare
What to Expect?


You can get lost in the rabbit holes of information we have on offer, but here are a few training related questions we are asked. If you want more then please check out our FAQ’s, Blogs & Knowledge Base for those burning questions you may have.

Secure your Season


We don’t just do Level 1 internships, if you have your Level 1 or 2 in another governing body then why not try a level 2 or 3 internship? Its the only way you can mix 6 weeks of training with a guaranteed job. Paid work and training to get you back in the game.

Work & Play

You are about to invest a lot of money, so check out what the fuss is about!

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Why Choose Us?

We cannot think of any other company that gives you so much value for money and backs it up with some expert training in some of the world’s most amazing surroundings. We are not satisfied with just taking you to your level one certification. We want to make sure you make it all the way.

The money we save by having repeat customers is poured back into our programs and goes a long way to help ensure that we get the best instructors when we need them. You are about to be subjected to some intense ski training. Do you want the best there is? You got it.

By predominantly using level 4 instructors, you can rest assured that you are getting the best outcome. Like a conductor in an orchestra we bring in the professionals when they are most needed. No other provider is obsessed with your success as the Winter Sports Company.



Get the lowdown on what to expect?

All our frequently asked questions nicely squashed together under one handy bite sized page.

In Europe, we focus on the ‘BASI’ system which is The British Association of Snow Sports Instructors. BASI is again part of the ISIA and accordingly, recognised worldwide. It is also one of the few tickets that will let you enter the French system once having completed the speed test.

Ski Instructor Qualifications

The Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance “CSIA” is the governing body in Canada. It is part of the ISIA and is highly regarded and recognised around the world. At Winter Sports we provide comprehensive training up to CSIA Level 3. Additionally, you can train in other ancillary courses from associations such as the Canadian Adaptive Snow Sports and Avalanche Canada.


Our courses in New Zealand provide training towards the New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance “NZSIA” certified qualifications. There are again options to train up to Level 3, as well as compressed courses for experienced skiers wishing to reach L2 in the shortest period of time.

Ski Instructor Qualifications