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Booking Process

If you would like to proceed and you’ve done your homework, i.e. you’ve looked at the links in my previous correspondence and their prospective websites and checked out our Trustpilot reviews. Please start the process by filling out this form accurately so no communication issues arise going forward. These details will be kept private and confidential, but some details will appear on your Booking Quote and any subsequent flight information should you take a flight with us.

This form is for the WSC client attending the course only. If you are a guardian, parent or close friend and want to receive the on-boarding material including the quote, you can request this by filling in the 1st & 2nd contact details within this form.


Getting In Touch

Who do I pester when I want something?

Great question. Well, here is our advice. First of all, try to use WhatsApp or email where possible, and please feel free to call us anytime, any day, for anything urgent. If we don’t pick up, leave a message, and we will get back to you. We are a family and like our time off, especially in the summer, so if it’s not urgent and you can keep your calls for weekdays, then it’s much appreciated!

We suggest entering these contact details onto your address book. If you want to put a face to a name then check out the About Us Page.


Emma Dyson | +44 7931 413041 | [email protected]

Contact Emma if its regarding, Booking, Administration, Flights, Insurance, Visas.

Rik Dyson | +44 7535 424781 | [email protected]

Contact Rik if its regarding, Course or Training Related, Equipment, Bolt Ons, Emergencies.

Abbie Morris | +44 1548 831 152 | [email protected]

Contact Abbie if its regarding your general Onboarding Questions, Learning Material, Logistics, Certification, Visas


Emma will receive your forms and will add it to the quote queue. She processes quotes as fast as she can so please be patient especially in peak periods. Keep an eye out for it from, this may drop into your promotions tab, or spam box or newsletter inboxes.

Check everything is to your liking and we only secure your place once the money has reached our account. If you or your course choice are eligible for the free skis or board then you need to complete your booking within the time shown on the correspondence previously sent to you or you forfeit this promotion.

Myself & one of team will be sending out some Informational Emails, Blogs and Onboarding Material throughout the build up to give you all the information you need on Learning, Insurance, Equipment, Bolt Ons, Banking, Communications & more.

Abbie is in charge of social media and your onboarding…..thankfully! As I can barely login to Facebook without her help and she will keep you informed during the build up to you flying out. Should either of the team not respond to your questions, then you have permission to pester us! Simply pick up the phone and chat to us. We make mistakes like everyone else but promise to do our best during your time with us.

Hope all this sounds fair?

All the Best,

Rik Dyson

Director Of The Winter Sports Company

Ps Thanks for choosing us and I’m stoked you’re coming with us. You’re in good hands!

Trust Us It’s Worth It!

We are dedicated to creating experiences that last a lifetime and will be on hand before, during, and after your time away. Please read about previous clients and their experience with WSC.


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