CSIA Level 1 100% pass rate for all skiers.

CSIA Level 1 Success

CSIA Level 1 Success


Well Done!

From left to right.

Fiona McDougall – Level 1 Ski Instructor

Soraya Dahya – Level 1 Ski Instructor

Emma Weschke – Level 1 Ski Instructor

Sarah Irvine – Level 1 Ski Instructor

A huge thanks to our course conductors and trainers – Hank Inkster, George Terweil, Tom Beard, Meg Davies, Adam Wallace, Ross Badham and Teresa Bachynski.

So …………..

while the girls stayed behind to pose for a photograph with their badges and certificates, the rest of the gang were off to celebrate at Morrisey’s bar. These newly qualified CSIA level 1 ski instructors are:-

Kevin Powell – Neil Coghlan – Tom O’Shea – Grant Tipler – Lauren Neve – Patricia Lewis – Josh Davies – Christopher Rouse – Declan Mulhall – Aled Bowen – Rick Tavini – Tom Tibbs.

Amazing week – fantastic job guys!

Grant Tipler - CSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor

Grant Tipler – CSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor


And whilst Grant got in the beers – the newly qualified CASI level 1 snowboarders came to join the skiers and the party began.


First we had to make sure the pool table was level –


Is the pool table level?


Then Jon sorted out whether we were playing Canadian or UK rules ………


Pool rules

Pool Rules


Our instructors Adam Wallace and Tom Beard showed us how to party…………..

Adam and the beer boot

And then we all went to “Bott Ams”……….


So What’s Next?

For all snowboarders seeking to attempt a CSIA level 1 course before the end of the season check out the CSIA guide here for information on what is expected of a CSIA level 1 skiinstructor. Or why not ask one of our newly qualified CSIA level 1 instructors to teach you?

CSIA Level 2 training begins on Tuesday 12th February and all instructors will be at the regular meeting point by 9.00am.

All newly qualified instructors are advised to spend some time shadowing ski instructors who work in the snow school at Sun Peaks Resort. Feel free to drop into the Kid’s Welcome area at 8.45am on either Saturday or Sunday and ask for the Kid’s lesson supervisor. You will be assigned an instructor to work with and help deliver lessons to real customers.


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