Insurance is an essential item when taking part in a season. But, as I’m sure, you don’t want a hefty bill if you injure yourself.


Snowboard or ski instructor course insurance is a prerequisite in our terms and conditions. Clients taking part in any training programmes must have adequate insurance covering accidents, injury, and repatriation. As most of our courses and internships extend beyond the 30-day trip limit imposed by many annual policies, you will need to look for Single Trip Insurance.  

There are loads of ski instructor insurance providers, and insurance policies vary by individual needs, so we cannot recommend a provider to you. We have, however, arranged for discounts for our customers with reputable insurance providers

BigCat Insurance and True Traveller were the popular choices over the 2021/22 season.


Buy your insurance as soon as you book your snowboard or ski instructor course. Insurance doesn’t just cover you if you are injured or need to come home for extenuating circumstances during the course. It also covers cancellation charges you may have if you need to cancel your course before departure. The terms and conditions of booking mean if you need to cancel just before departure, you will not be able to get a refund of your course – but you can claim on your insurance.