Why we need more women on the slopes!

For all those women who have endured a skiing holiday with their dad, brother or fella  – this brief article is for you. Put a man on a pair of skis, give him two ski lessons and within days he convinces himself he is either Bode Miller or Hermann Maier.

Us ladies take our time. We listen to our instructor – fancy him a bit (a lot). We follow him; heed his advice: mimic his stance and style and emerge the butterfly on skis. We read signs and obey them. We know codes of conduct and act upon them.

Ladies, lets be honest, we may not be the fastest on the slopes, we may moan about the cold and the wet, but we can always read the resort map and find our way back. Our caution and attention to detail makes us ideal ski instructor material, yet very few of us become one. If you do one thing today, check out a ski instructor training course and lets take women’s skills and put them back on the mountain.

So – these are the 10 reasons why I believe women continue to look graceful on their skis and how they can do things on the slopes that men can only aspire to.

  1. Firstly, and I speak from a week’s experience of pure embarrassment, a woman can always look good in a one piece ski suit.
  2. Women know when to stop – and often how to without spraying everyone else within a 200 yard radius.
  3. Women can enjoy an extra hour in bed in the morning and feel no guilt when they see the first lift depart for the top of the mountain. Men prefer to rise with the larks, hastily scoff their breakfast then join and moan about the queues. ITS A HOLIDAY!
  4. Women stop for hot chocolate and socialise with friends. Men drink beer, think their skiing has improved and challenge mates to increasingly more frightening feats.
  5. Women do not wear ridiculous hats/outfits for the week. (Only a confident male could wear a shiny pink, one piece ski suit with contrasting mauve belt and a pink helmet cover that made him look like a fat penis).
  6. Women wait for others to catch up and don’t set off immediately when they do.
  7. Ladies do not laugh at the misfortune of those who head plant.
  8. They do not race, jump, threaten trees and land on children.
  9. Women conform to ski school lines.
  10. And, of course, ladies ski better anyway!

So, ladies, the winter sports industry NEEDS YOU! The number of male instructors far outweighs the number of females, and your grace, beauty and talent is needed on our slopes!

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