It’s time to consider your Gap Year

Welcome to 2016!
This year will be what you make it, and if you choose to seize the day and take a gap year away from education, work or life in general, our 5 step guide will help you on your way to a snow-filled gap year. 

Step 1: Decide

Your options are infinite. First and foremost, ask yourself the questions: Do I need to work on my gap year? Do I want to travel or stay in one place? Do I want to add to my skills on my gap year? And importantly, how much will I need to have the gap year of my dreams?

Step 2: Research

Now, this is the important bit, chances are, if you’re looking at ‘doing’ a winter season, you are looking at two options:
1) working in a resort as a chalet host/lifty/bar staff/rep etc…
2) training to be a ski instructor or snowboard instructor
winter-sports-company-brochure-download-page-001Option 1 is fine, for many the best season of their life has been whilst they’ve worked in a resort, but lets not beat around the bush – there is only 1 way to ensure you spend every day of the season skiing or snowboarding, and that is to do an instructor course.
Next up is research, research, research – find out which companies offer what you want, then call them – stock up on brochures and do your reading. As gap year specialists, Winter Sports Company offer great advice and are able to answer any questions you might have.

Step 3: Book

This is the easy bit. But is generally followed by a boring bit… The wait.

Step 4: Prepare

In the run up to your course, getting physically fit will benefit you no end on the mountain. Of course, you’ll also want to be preparing your gear, buying essentials and spending time with family and friends before you depart.
With Winter Sports Company preparation is a smooth ride, with kit discounts, advice and a departure pack emailed to you in the run up.

Step 5: Depart

11225389_1010655542330667_6472950474138161329_nThe most exciting part… this is the start of your gap year. We know you’ll have the best time of your life. Check out other blogs to see what kind of fun and frolics ski and snowboard instructor trainees are up to in resort this year.

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