For gap year ideas, look no further

Monster, ski-season-long courses to get qualified, prepare for uni life – and have an unbelievable time doing it

With years of experience helping people escape to a new life on the slopes, we’re a gap year specialist. If a break from the ordinary is the plan, you’re probably got ideas for excitement and a chance to chill out, without completely taking your foot off the pedal – which is what makes our ski and snowboard instructor courses the perfect gap year option. We give you serious fun, with endless opportunity to socialise – and you get some incredible career options afterwards.

Winter Sports internships: learn to instruct – & get a job straight away

If a full season course isn’t the right option for you, a gap year internship could be the ticket you’re after. Train to be a level 1 instructor in December and work the rest of the season as a ski or snowboard instructor.

Looking for work after your gap year course? Check out our ski and snowboard instructor jobs board. 

On a tight schedule?

Gap years can be a learning curve in logistics as much as anything else. If you’ve got loads planned and not a lot of time, there’s no need to need to drop your Winter Sports course altogether – we’ve got plenty of shorter courses for you, too.

Ski Seasons: someone else’s cup of tea…

It’s by no means uncommon to do some sort of ski season in gap years, but beware of what you might be getting yourself into. Most offer plenty of time on the slopes, but with early starts and late finishes looking after guests, some options could leave you just wanting to catch up on sleep instead.

By contrast, when it comes to how you spend your time and money on your gap year, becoming a ski or snowboard instructor fits the bill perfectly. And here’s why:

7 reasons why a gap year instructor course is perfect prep for uni & beyond:

  1. It sets you up for independent living. You get solid life experience away from home, with up to four months away. Plus, you’ll have chance to get used to living in accommodation with people your own age.
  2. You’ll already have a career qualification under your belt. If your chosen subject turns out not to be your true calling, you’ll still have an awesome job to fall back on.
  3. One price tag, months of experience. Unlike many travel plans, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, how long you’re getting it for, and what you’ll be paying for it.
  4. It’ll give you great stories & a chance to grow up. Cliché but true. Living in another country is still a rare experience to have had by 20, and it’ll give you loads more to talk about. Our courses are a straightforward and safe way to get that experience.
  5. It’ll get you in great shape. You may struggle to keep it up at uni, but trust us – you’ll certainly be thankful for the head start.
  6. You’ll be in the right frame of mind for uni. It makes a huge difference to have a break from education, but it can be hard to get back into the swing of things when you return. With us, you’re still using your brain and learning new skills every day, but in an environment that literally couldn’t be fresher.
  7. Free holidays for life! After your course we can assist you to find part-time instructor work. Perfect for those who can’t take a full season out, or are at uni. So you can ski or board for free – and get paid to do it.