The journey from perfect piste to powder land!

Picture the backcountry, do you see fearless experts jumping off cliffs? Do you see a lonesome boarder trudging his way up the mountain with his board on his back, a solitary journey to the unknown?the-winter-sports-company-heli-ski
Footage of daring risk takers flying through the air, landing in bowls of fresh powder resonate on the televisions across après bars everywhere. This type of action is for the professionals, the brave, and the mad. Right?

Nope. Much like the National Lottery – it could be you…

The brand new ‘Prepare to Dare’ holiday packages from Winter Sports Company will make powder hunting thrill seekers out of intermediate piste cruisers. Spend five days training to be an off-piste ace, and then hop into the helicopter for the most amazing heli ski/board adventure of your life!

Heli SkiingTraining takes place in the once heli-exclusive area of the Tayton Bowl, Panorama Mountain Resort, Canada. Professional instructors spend five days teaching you the perfect backcountry technique. Training is tailored to you, as is the heli experience – because there is no ‘one size fits all’.

Daredevils with a ‘bring it on’ attitude will be hit with the deepest, steepest they can handle. Tame Dames won’t recognise themselves after a few days training – you’ll be asking for steeps and deeps!
You’ll see spectacular views, take on powder like never before and have stories to tell that will make your pals green with envy.

winter-sports-company-Panorama_Scenic_NightAll heli boarding and heli skiing courses are based at Panorama Mountain Resort, accommodation is at the ski-in-ski-out Pine Inn Hotel. It’s part of the amazing, Alpine-style mountain village, nestled high in the Canadian Rockies – the perfect jump-off point for helicopters. Heli sports demand some serious adrenaline, and there’s nowhere better to bring your heart rate back down than in the world famous Panorama Springs outdoor hot pools.

Get yourself powder ready with Winter Sports Company this season.

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