How much you can earn as an instructor depends on your level of certification and the country in which you will teach. This is a tricky question to answer as earnings can vary wildly depending on the country of employment, the resort and level of qualification.

For example, A level 1 instructor in New Zealand could be employed at minimum wage, NZ$18.90 p/h. In contrast, the same level of ski instructor working at a government-owned Canadian resort will make between CAD$15 – $22 p/h.

How much money do ski instructors make?

An entry-level ski instructor will not earn big bucks – but you’ll make enough to cover your outgoings and have an excellent time both during and outside of work.

The higher your level of qualification = the more money you will earn. Most schools operate a pay scale, so every additional certification you achieve will increase your income by a few dollars per hour.

Working at a big ski resort, you should expect between 16 and 30 hours of work per week as a ski instructor – although this can go up to 40 hours during peak weeks. Smaller resorts often require employees to work across multiple departments, so you may not spend all your time ski instructing. Again, however, you should expect up to 40 hours of work per week.

In most countries, level 1 ski instructors are at the entry-level of employment and earn close to the minimum wage for that country (plus tips!). The highest level 4 instructors can earn £50+ per hour.

Many instructors at the top levels in their field begin to find year-round employment as many resorts employ experienced instructors in managerial positions.

Hourly wage as a ski intern


For the 2020/20 season, our interns in Canada can expect to earn $15.50 per hour.

Government-owned ski hills pay a higher minimum wage, with level 1 employees earning up to $22 per hour.

New Zealand 

For the 2019 season, our interns in Queenstown will be paid according to the lesson type. Level 1 instructors can expect to earn NZ$18-20 per hour, and Level 2 instructors can expect to earn NZ$20-25

Last review 13 January 2020.

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