How to become a better skier

How to Become a Better Skier

Recreational skiing has become one of Britain’s most popular winter pastimes and every season people are asking themselves “How do I become a better skier”

The answer is to take ski lessons as often as possible however, this doesn’t always fit in with the group you are with, or “just isn’t quite enough” – it normally takes a couple of days to get back to the standard you were the previous ski holiday.

Every season we receive calls from people asking us “How do I become a better skier” and “How can I sustain the standards once I achieve them”?

After considering this we believe the ideal solution is to take part in an intense ski improvement camp or a ski instructor course. Ski instructor training will ensure you understand the basics of skiing. Once these are established they can be built upon and make you the skier you always dreamed of being.

Not everyone has considered becoming a ski instructor, but the advantages are immense and can continue to be so for many years to come.

As a qualified ski instructor you can teach throughout Europe for as little as one week each season. This includes all your transport, food, uniform, plenty of free skiing and a nice pay packet at the end of the week. In effect you can enjoy free ski holidays for as long as you like and at the same time be part of an elite group of professionals.


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