Canadian Ski Coaches

ACA-CSC coach education programming links directly with Alpine Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development stages of growth and skill development. At each program level, coaches acquire knowledge and skills necessary to meet growth and skill development needs of the athlete.

There are four levels of race development coaching:

1. Entry Level

2. Development Level

3. Performance Level

4. High Performance

ACA-CSC Entry Level 1

The entry level course is a 3-day course, one day indoor and two days on snow. The training covers:

  • Free ski and gate drills for SL and GS
  • Planning a daily training session
  • Environment setting
  • Safety considerations
  • Working with children from the Gliding Start to Skier Essentials stages.
  • Basics of the Snow Stars program.

Practice coaching sessions are part of the course for each candidate. The evaluation part of the course tests the candidate’s ability to demonstrate free skiing skills and Snow Stars drills.

Successful candidates achieve Entry Level Trained certification status and become a member of the Alpine Canada Alpin-Canadian Ski Coaches (ACA-CSC).

Entry Level certification enables the holder to be hired by a club or ski school to start coaching in an entry level ski racing program.

For more information about Canadian Ski Coaches please visit the Canadian Ski Coaches website .

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