Last year I spent the winter in Panorama mountain resort. I did the ski patrol course alongside ski instructor level 1 and 2. It was very full on but honestly it was the best 4 months of my life! I enjoyed every second of it, from making friends all over the world to abseiling off a chair lift (I am absolutely terrified of heights but our instructors helped us through it all and it turned out to be so much fun).

We learnt so much in the weeks and it flew by I cannot recommend this course enough. It gives you a real insight into ski patrol, my favourite part was definitely learning about all the first aid and doing scenario training as I had never done anything like this before. I found it so interesting and exciting learning about all the possible injuries and problems that we could end up facing as a patroller. I also absolutely loved ropes training and shadowing the ski patrol towards the end of the course.

Everyone involved in the course is so kind and willing to help if you have any questions. You become so close to all of the people in your group and become like a little winter sports family which is the best! It makes you feel so at home even when you might be so far away from your actual home.

Spending a winter in Panorama made me never want to leave and I can’t wait to go back for the next few winters and spend more time there and meet more amazing people! Hopefully I will see you there soon!

Beth Bartlett – Ski Patrol Course at Panorama Mountain Resort

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