ski and snowboard instructor interns Sun Peaks 2014

November 2014 Interns already working with the Snow School

The 18 and 11 week ski and snowboard instructor training courses at Sun Peaks Resort started on the 27th November 2014. The Canadian level 1 instructor internship training for both skiers and snowboarders is integrated within these groups.

After 3 weeks of intense training everyone was well prepared but nervous. The pressure isn’t too bad for the 11 and 18 week clients but the interns have a little more to think about… Failure means no work and the snow school will be without an instructor during the very busy Christmas holidays.

No Problem!! Everyone passed and the Interns enjoyed continued work over the holidays whilst the 11 and 18 week clients enjoyed a more relaxing time shadowing and free skiing/riding in the champagne powder that arrived almost every day.

Shadow teaching proved to be exciting with everyone getting the opportunity to teach real clients. It’s remarkable that an intern, who has just started working as an instructor for the snow school, has one of their peers who they trained with now shadowing them. YAY!

With Christmas over, level 2 training begins and the interns are welcome to join in during their days off. This gives the interns every opportunity to reach the Canadian level 2 standard and allows them to take the level 2 course exams with confidence.

Internships are run over a 3 to 4 week period every November/December. Places are limited to 5 or 6, so we can guarantee the correct amount of work for the interns to sustain a reasonable lifestyle.

Previous student on the snowboard instructor and ski instructor internship programmes have gone on to work within the industry for several years. Some of these instructors are now managing snow schools in Japan or assisting race training programmes in Australia.

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