Ski Instructor Course – 18 weeks

CSIA Level 1 Ski Instructor – Leonie Hearson

 Leonie joined the Winter Sports Company’s 18 week ski instructor training programme in December 2012. She came straight from Ireland after completing an intensive cookery course with Rachel and Darina Allen at the Ballymaloe Cookery School near Cork.

Rachel Allen is famous for “Rachel’s Yoghurts” which you may have seen at your local supermarket.

After 3 months living on the organic farm at Ballymaloe, Leonie has learned to gut game, identify herbs and spices by sight and taste, milk a cow, crop lettuce and cook food slowly and naturally. Ballymalloe remains close to the hearts of Leonie and her family as this is where her parents spent their honeymoon.

Leonie is undecided on whether to go to university or not and is taking time out to explore her passions for cooking and skiing. She is already certified as a CSIA level 1 ski instructor and with her level 2 training well underway and the results from her cookery course due soon, we predict a bright future.

Armed with her newly acquired qualifications, Leonie hopes to find work in New Zealand after completing her ski instructor course in Canada. In the long term she feels she may want to be a chef – but on the way wants to have fun, meet new friends and enjoy life as a ski instructor. We wish her well.

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