Winter Sports Company November 2013

Winter Sports Company November 2013


November 2013

And so the season begins. Empty slopes, great instructors and an amazing group of trainees.

The early birds who came out to Sun Peaks Resort in November are here for between 3 and 18 weeks.

Duncan Cockburn from Scotland stayed for three weeks, became a CSIA level 1 ski instructor and returned reluctantly to the UK to continue his year out travelling in Brazil. Good luck Duncan!

Courtney Rose (Mum) left the guys January 7th after 5 weeks of training. She qualified as a CSIA level 1 ski instructor and also got chance to try out snowboarding with the help of few newly qualified snowboard instructors and cut a pretty picture gliding down the slopes.

Courtney, however, made much more of an impression on a different kind of board – the ironing board . Her ironing skills are sorely missed by the crew after she returned to the UK to continue her year out travelling round the world.

Tom Griffith (TG) gained his CASI level 1 snowboard instructor qualification in December, threw himself off a few jumps, played dangerously in the park and then slipped, caught an edge and fell on a gentle green run and broke his collar bone. Needing six weeks recovery he had to return home to Australia. You are missed, buddy. Take care and hope to see you again riding the slopes in Canada.

As for the rest ….. well they are still training hard…… Jack Wilton has been converted to skiing and is taking his CSIA level 1 ski instructor qualification this month after qualifying as a CASI level 1 snowboard instructor in December. He has promised to ski with style and a smile.

Chris Sparks, Cam Chapman (lead Kiwi) and Elliott Russell – all newly qualified CASI level 1 snowboard instructors – are also attempting to become level 1 ski instructors this month. Thanks must go to their skiing colleagues who have helped get them into shape. Good luck boys.

As for the skiers, well, training continues. Aussie, Doug Reiss, has made breakfast three days in a row now and is attempting the world record for the consumption of French toast and maple syrup. Actively in class every day, he still spends more time seeking the jumps and trees, and on a weekend heads for the park riding his twin tips …. oh! and he works evenings too …….. kitchen bitch at the Cahilty! Way too much energy …..

Lessie Moran, Henry Grantham-Wright, Karly Ross and Jim Howarth (Dad) are all here for the full 18 weeks to train towards their CSIA level 3 qualification. Watch this space …………………

And finally …. Grant Tipler ….. contracted to work at Mount Washington this season as a ski instructor having qualified as a CSIA Level 2 last year with The Winter Sports Company, he returned to Sun Peaks pre Christmas to train and take his CASI level 1 snowboard instructor qualification.

The good news …… Grant passed his CASI level 1 …………. the bad news ……… Mount Washington is not yet open due to lack of snow so no work for Grant …….. the good news ……. Grant stayed with his mates and his instructor Andy Armstrong to continue training towards his CASI level 2….. Good call!





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