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Ski instructors and snowboard instructors like to keep in touch with all things snow, even during the summer months. The news round up will keeping you up to date with everything going on in the world of snow!

From the very latest in resort news to tips on how to look after your kit – this is your one stop shop for bitesize snow news!


 F35 Fighter Jet Nails a Ski Jump

This footage has been all over the web this week. Check out the jet taking off from a ski jump!


Controversy For Ski Resort Snowboard Ban

At the Winter Sports Company, we’re used to hearing people talk about ski areas as a generic term for a resort. But Alta, near Salt Lake City, use the term ‘ski area’ literally. Snowboards are banned from the resort and there is a court case for discrimination against snowboarders. The Resort argues that the ban doesn’t discriminate against people, just equipment! Watch this space on this one!


Summer at Centre Parcs Including Skiing

We love Centre Parcs! We love Skiing! (and snowboarding, we don’t discriminate)
A Centre Parcs in Holland has it’s own ski slope – which means after a morning of cycling or swimming, you can enjoy the snow. This is win, win, win, in our book!
Come on Centre Parcs UK, bring it over to Blighty!


That’s a really S#%t Deal

A Quebec ski resort has been the victim of a theft, but to make it even worse for staff at the resort – the perpetrator defecated in the office! The silver lining is, at least the police have the DNA. Read the story here.


The Benefits of a Gap Year

A gap year isn’t just about putting off college or uni, it is about learning new things. What you do on your gap year could put you in good stead for the future. Think about future job applications – if you have qualifications and experiences listed that you achieved during your gap year, it puts you way ahead of the rest!
We’re biased and think that doing a ski instructor course or a snowboard instructor course is the way to go, but the main message here is: don’t let anyone tell you that a gap year is a waste of time!


Tip of the Week

Now that the Winter Sports Company offers heli-skiing, we get more people asking us about what is need for back country adventures! Read this article for helpful tips on what to pack.

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