Snowboard improvement courses

Train with us on a snowboard improvement course and we’ll strip away those bad habits, get you perfectly balanced on your board and improve your agility so you can fly through the trees, hit the steepest of steeps and stay moving on some of the finest powder in the world.

Join us on a 10 or 14 day heli-boarding course and we will prepare you for the ride of a lifetime in the Canadian backcountry. We enhance your skills – and then throw you out of the chopper.

If you’re serious about knowing how snowboarding should really be done, our 3 to 18 week instructor courses will make you the snowboarder you have always dreamt you would be.

Get advice on which course to choose

Naturally, if you’re looking to improve, then you may be unsure of what level you want to go for, what skills you need to get there, and whether the timescale of a certain course would suit your ability.

We’re confident that – like most of our students – you’ll surprise yourself with what you can achieve. But get in touch to talk things over!

CASI Levels 1, 2 & 3 Snowboard Instructor 18 weeks Sun Peaks Resort, Canada

Flying out in November, you’ll be amazed at the amount of early snow in Canada. After a few days getting to know the village at Sun Peaks Resort and settling in at your slopeside hotel, the Hearthstone Lodge, we drop you straight into training. Being an early bird on the slopes means you won’t have [...]

CASI Levels 1 & 2 Snowboard Instructor 11 Weeks Sun Peaks, Canada

We believe success relies on consistent good teaching. That’s why all our courses provide 5 hours of instruction, 5 days per week, and why you are invited to shadow snowboard instructors in real lessons. All your training is focused toward achieving CASI Level 1 and Level 2 snowboard instructor certification. Your snowboard instructor training course begins the [...]

CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor Course, 3 – 5 Weeks, Sun Peaks, Canada

This short snowboard instructor course leads to the CASI Level 1 qualification. An intensive three to five weeks of training will radically improve your riding ability – and at the finish you can become a snowboard instructor. This programme is designed for boarders who may only be able to get a limited time off work. To [...]

Heliskiing & Heliboarding

THE ULTIMATE OFF-PISTE EXPERIENCE Heliskiing and heliboarding are quite simply the ultimate, all-inclusive, off-piste experiences – made for freeriders, thrillseekers and powder-lovers. The adrenalin rush as you board the helicopter is nothing compared to the breathtaking views as you fly over the mountains. And landing on top of the world in a deserted, pristine snow [...]

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