Karen La BordeCo-Founder of Winter Sports Company

    I hope to inspire others like me, I started out on the slopes later than most and believe it’s never too late to achieve something new or different. I’m proud that my job is to make sure skiers and snowboarders of any age and nationality can enjoy a winter season – whether to improve their skiing or riding or gain a toehold in the industry as an instructor. Karen started skiing in her late thirties and trained to be a ski instructor when she was 45. She doesn’t profess to be the best skier in the business, but is a brilliant instructor, especially when teaching timid skiers or newbies. Enjoying sport all her life, Karen played, coached and umpired netball until dedicating her time to Winter Sports. In recent years, bad knees and a growing aversion to cold weather has meant Karen is no longer seen in the resort very much but takes on a more administrative role managing the UK office.

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