Best Job In The World

It’s no wonder it is ranked as one of the best jobs in the world. Aside from being paid to ski, here’s why being a ski instructor is one of the best jobs in the world.

Best job In the world? We think so, and here’s why

Top Perks Working As A Ski Instructor

Free Lift Pass

This is often overlooked, but a season lift pass would set you back well over a grand. Even a week’s ski holiday will damage the wallet. As an instructor, your lift pass is included with the job, and you can use it even when you’re not working. Free skiing!! Want to know what ski instructors do on a day off? They’ll be skiing.


Pro Deals and Discount 

As an instructor, you’re entitled to several pro deals. If you need new skis or want to upgrade your helmet, you can save on those. Pro deals often cover all major brands, such as Atomic, Salomon and Nordica. When working in a resort, you’ll likely get discounts on retail, food and beverage and other services for which guests will pay full price.

lone skier in a yellow jacket carving down a mountain in canada in powder with the sun setting over Sun Peaks

Free Training

Instructor Training

The learning never stops! As an instructor, you’ll have access to some of the best trainers in the industry. Ski schools offer regular training for their instructors, and the top instructor trainers often provide this training. Guests would pay big money to ‘ski with the pros’,and you can get them for free.


An Office Like No Other

There are no dingy office buildings here, just stunning mountain views. Not every day is easy working as an instructor, but it’s hard not to love what you do when you have an office like this.

Travel The World

Amazing Friends

Not only do you have the best office, but you also get to work alongside those just as passionate and enthusiastic as you. You will make lifelong friends working in the mountains. In such a close-knit community, it feels like a small family.


Travel The World

Skiing can be a year-round gig if you chase the winter in both hemispheres. Skiing has afforded me the opportunity to travel all over the world and see some fantastic places. With hundreds of skiing destinations worldwide, it’s an excellent way to get your travel fix. Find out when to ski Canada here


The Quiet Ski Resort

Have you ever wondered what a ski resort is like outside of the holiday season? Although we’re busy throughout the season, there are times you get to enjoy some downtime when the resorts are quieter. That means empty slopes and no lift queues.

Skiing In The Southern Hemisphere

Ski Year Round

Yep, that’s right. Skiing doesn’t end even though North America and Europe shut their lifts. There is some fantastic skiing in Australia, New Zealand and Chile during the summer months. Many instructors make the southern hemisphere their home during the summer.


Keeping Fit

After 120+ days of snow, it certainly keeps you in good shape—no need for a gym when spending 6+ hours a day on the slopes. We do recommend some preseason training, though; otherwise, the first few weeks can be a struggle.


Lift Priority

This is massively underrated. Even during the busiest periods around Christmas and New Year, you’ll have lift priority, meaning you can jump the queues with your guests. I’ve sold a few lessons because guests wanted to skip the line. When you’re in the uniform, you’re not waiting.

single snowboarder riding a chairlift


Oh, and just in case you forgot, you get paid to ski! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to book one of our instructor courses.


Want to know more about becoming a Ski Instructor?

How Do I Become An Instructor?

The easiest way to become an instructor is to book onto one of our instructor training programs, or one of our internships. You’ll get all the training you need and can take a certification exam to be qualified as an instructor.

How Good Do You Need To Be To Become An Instructor?

Most instructors start out similar to you right now. Anyone can become an instructor with the proper training. If you’re an intermediate skier, you could be an instructor in no time with the right instructor training course.

How Much Does An Instructor Get Paid?

It changes depending on your certification level. The more certified you are, the more you’ll get paid. It varies between countries also. There are many ways to boost your pay, too, with commissions and tips changing your take-home pay. Higher-level instructors can be paid very well.

Which Qualification Should I Take?

That usually depends on the country you’ll be in. Each country has its own system, but are all under the umbrella of the ISIA, meaning standards are consistent. The Canadian system is the CSIA for example.