The Importance of Insurance for your Snowboard or Ski Instructor Course

It’s always exciting when you have booked a once in a lifetime experience like a ski or snowboard instructor course – you now have something to look forward to and no doubt have set the countdown on your phone to the start of the season (that’s not just us, right?).

So, you’ve paid your deposit and set the countdown, and now it’s just a case of waiting, isn’t it?

Nope – not quite yet. Now it is time to get yourself some insurance! Unlike most holidays, ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses won’t be covered under an annual travel insurance policy. This is because these courses exceed 30 days in length – which is usually the maximum trip length covered by annual policies. So for your instructor course, you will need a single trip policy for the duration of your course.

We advise all customers to purchase their ski instructor course insurance after paying their deposit. Your instructor course is an investment that costs thousands of pounds, so it is essential to protect this in case you need to cancel your course for any reason.

Most insurers offer cancellation cover from the date of taking out the insurance policy until the date of departure – you need to make sure the cancellation policy covers the total cost of your ski or snowboard instructor course or internship.

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