What Level of qualification do I need?

The qualifications you need to become a snowboard instructor vary according to your aims and depend on the country you wish to work in. However, achieving level 2 will boost employment opportunities significantly and is considered the industry standard.Suppose you are looking to achieve qualifications to become a snowboard instructor. It is advisable to aim to reach levels 1 and 2 in your first season – most people do this via a snowboard instructor course or internship.There are governing bodies for each country where Snowboard Instructors can train and work, such as the British (BASI), Canadian (CASI) and New Zealand (SBINZ). All organisations operate a levels system of qualification. All types are valid worldwide (for example, you can work with CASI in Europe, BASI in New Zealand etc.).
Snowboard instructor organisations have similarities, but each system has slight differences – find out about the different qualifications.

Level 1 Instructors

Level 1 is an entry-level snowboard instructor qualification allowing the instructor to teach complete beginners up to the novice level turn. Level 1 instructors can find work via internships and at smaller resorts.

Level 2 Instructors

Level 2 qualification allows the instructor to teach up to the intermediate level of snowboarding. It’s the certification standard required to be a snowboard instructor in most resorts internationally.

Level 3 Instructors

Level 3 is a high-level certification and requires greater skill, technique and teaching experience. Level 3 snowboard instructors can teach up to advanced riders, including training and assessing level 1 & 2 instructors.

Level 4 Instructors

A respected, professional qualification, level 4, is achieved by accomplished snowboard instructors who have exceptional standards.

Level 4 instructors train advanced skiers and examine higher levels of instructors (level 3 and level 4).

The levels system is recognised by most countries apart from France.

Snowboard instructors in France are often trained to ski instructor level 4 standard first, and snowboard instructing is a second discipline.

Can I transfer my other snowboard instructor Qualification?

The simple answer is yes (and no!). Within the ISIA, most members will accept your qualification and allow you to continue your training in their system. The CASI and NZSIA make the process extremely easy. They are happy to accept nearly all qualification levels like for like. BASI can be a little more complicated and may require you to complete a conversion exam or will drop your Level by 1.

Do I need any other qualifications to become a snowboard instructor?

Not really, although it does help to have some experience of teaching children or small groups. You don’t need to be qualified, but showing some form of sports coaching or roles where you took responsibility for a group can help when applying for jobs. Any first aid ticket is also a bonus.