Stuck for ideas on what to do off season?

Below is some testimonials of previous clients and what they have chosen to do in the off season. And if that doesn’t help check out our other blog for more ideas on what to do.

Harry Drain – WSC instructor and previous Intern

What do you do when you aren’t instructing at Panorama?

“I have mostly worked as a boot fitter and ski tech in the ski shop during the off-season. I did this for two years back in the UK at Ellis Brigham. It is an excellent thing to get involved in if you want to stay in the ski industry. It gives you a lot of great experience and knowledge of ski equipment. I definitely recommend it for anyone serious about understanding skis/boots, etc.

I also spent a summer out in Canada doing some travelling. I worked at a golf course, it was good for a laugh, and it keeps you earning whilst you’re waiting for ski season to come around again. Great way to spend summer.

And this year is the first time doing back to back winters. Obviously, this means no “off-season” as you’re still skiing ????
I’m heading to NZ to work at Coronet Peak and The Remarkables ski resort. They are both part of the NZski group, located in Queenstown on the South Island. I’ll be working in a similar role to the one I had at Panorama. Full-time ski instructor as a CSIA Level 3/Trainer. I’m also going to take some time out to complete some NZIA courses as an opportunity to learn a little more from a different association. Ski season will take me through until the end of October, then flying back to Canada for winter number 4 in Panorama ???? ” – 10th May 2022

Chiara Eish – 2021/22 WSC Intern

What are you doing now after finishing your first season in Panorama?

“I am currently in the offseason, or the ‘shoulder season’ as they call it here. There isn’t much to do, because it’s not a very busy time. A lot of renovation happens; people are gearing up for summer, getting ready for the summer population, and getting their boats out on the lake. Finding jobs where you can is what I’ve been doing during this shoulder season. I’m currently working for a food truck called ‘The Deli’ to make some money; they make incredible sandwiches.
I’ve also been doing a lot of training for the raft guide job that I will be doing this summer. It’s my first year, so I have to go and do my training courses before I’m allowed to be a guide. I have already completed my swift water safety, and then I will go do my medical course at the end of May. I will then start my guide training with the company (Kootenay River Rafters) from the 31st of May until the 12th of June, and from there on, I will be paid, which is fantastic. The rafting works on 3 different rivers, which is excellent, and it’s a cool little community to be a part of. I only start working in June, so May has been very dead and quiet, but it’s just a time to rest your body after a long winter season and get ready for a fun summer season.

Since Invermere is very dead in May, and there isn’t much to do, you can use whatever money you end up making during this period to go on little trips. Many people who don’t go home in the shoulder season go to Canmore or Kelowna to get out of Invermere for a bit. So, whatever money I end up making, I will use it to go on a little trip before the summer season.” – 5th May 2022

Kootnay River Runners
Kootnay River Runners

What to do when the ski season is over?

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