Find out what type of instructor you are!

We think snowsports instructors fall into one of 4 categories – take the quiz, which one are you?

The Serious One

With great power comes great responsibility.

You take your job very seriously. Rarely do you fall over, never will you lose a student. You count them up the hill and back down again. You stop regularly to ensure the group can keep up, you are the instructor parents dream of to take care of their kids!

The Cool One

You’ve never grown up and the mountains are your playground.
You love teaching people how to tackle the slopes, but once they have mastered the basics you’re taking them through narrow tree-lined routes and showing them your favourite hidden ramps. You’re the instructor stag dos want! You’re also the one most likely to be sat in A&E with a student.

The Eager One

First on the mountain, waiting for the students to turn up – you’re group is always first on the chair lift. You strive to go as far as you can with your students, exploring every inch of the mountain on each lesson. It is not unheard of for you to lose the occasional student who has fallen behind on your epic adventure! The intermediate classes will appreciate what you have to show them.

The Unlucky One

You attract bad luck. If someone is going to crash, it will be into you. If a lift stops working, you will be on it. You’re the most brilliant of skiers/boarders, until you stand in front of a group of students that is – falls happens when you least expect it – mostly when you are coming to a steady stop, or stood perfectly still. You provide comedy value to a holiday – families will love you!


Thinking About the Next Step?

If you’re a level 1 or 2 qualified ski instructor or snowboard instructor – check out The Winter Sports Company advanced courses. Qualifying as a level 3 instructor or becoming dual qualified as a ski & snowboard instructor really will improve your employability!

Level 3 CSIA

Level 3 CASI

What type of instructor are you?


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