Where to work once qualified? There are so many great resorts to pick from! We offer a range of Internships, and have contacts across the globe. So, feel free to get in contact with us, and we can help plan your next adventure!

The world is your oyster!

We’ve been running these courses for over a decade. Previous clients have worked in the countries including the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Austria, Italy, Poland, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, South America and Dubai. 

Usually, level 2 is the minimum standard to work in popular resorts in most countries. However, it is possible to get work as a level 1 instructor at smaller resorts or as part of an internship at a larger resort.

Check out our job opportunities page. We have Sports schools from all over the world advertise their Ski instructor jobs, snowboard instructor jobs & instructor internships on our jobs board!

All the qualifications we offer are internationally recognised and hold equivalency with the national governing bodies in most countries. In fact, the only country you won’t be able to work in as a level 2 is France, where the system is entirely different. 

How to become a ski instructor in France.

The main factor for where you work will depend on visas and how easily attainable it is to get a working visa for that country. For example, if you are English getting a visa in Europe has been difficult in recent years (thanks to Brexit). However, suppose you have dual citizenship or are born in Switzerland/France/Austria etc. In that case, it will make things a lot easier to work in Europe. Read more about how the visa system works for different countries.


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Can I work after doing my Ski/Snowboard instructor course?

If working as soon as you’re qualified is your main aim, check out our ski and snowboard internships. Internships include a guaranteed job as soon as you pass the level 1 ski or snowboard instructor exam. We have a 100% pass rate on this entry-level exam.


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Can I get work immediately after I qualify?

Technically speaking, you are qualified to work immediately. If you have a work visa for that country and you are qualified early enough, then there is a chance you can get some part-time work. However, internships are the only way to guarantee training and work in the same season, so those on a ski instructor course or a snowboard instructor course are not guaranteed a job in the same season. There is a lengthy application process to actually get to work that happens long before the season starts, including gaining a working visa and applying/doing interviews with the ski school. This is why it isn’t possible to work straight away even though you are qualified. However, many of our previous clients return to the resort the following season to work. 

As a trainee on a ski and snowboard instructor internship course, you spend months training within the snow school, meaning you’ll be top of the pile when applying for a job. As an intern, you will also have pre-organised visas and interviews with the ski school long before starting the season.

It is possible to work the peak weeks in Europe after your instructor course. We have contacts in popular European resorts which need extra instructors during the Easter holidays. Level 2 is the minimum qualification to work in most of Europe. Doing an 11-week ski instructor course or an 11-week snowboard instructor course starting in November will allow you to train and work in the same season if this is what you want to do.

We’ve also written an informative blog about Finding Your First Job, with good advice about your next steps.


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Does WSC help you get work once qualified ?

With an excellent staff to customer ratio and our WSCollective scheme for those that sign up, you can bet that we have your back. I’ll be honest, we cannot find everyone work, nor do we have the manpower. So we came up with the WSCollective scheme, which ensures that we work hard if you work hard. A mutual back-scratching partnership that blends our collective strengths and weaknesses and provides a win-win situation for all involved. Have the power of the WSC office in your back pocket to gain knowledge on visa applications, optimise your CV, and promote yourself. We have an extensive list of partners and industry peers, all conveniently laid out for you in the WSC Address book. Get up-to-date notifications when new jobs come out even before they are published. Receive a character reference from us and, if you are a Level 2 instructor, a guaranteed job interview for the following season. Remember, a big smile, a great looking CV, and a positive attitude will get you most of the way. Let us fill in the blanks, and you can be well on your way to being a professional in the industry.


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What do I need to do to work in Canada next season ?

If you don’t have one already, you will need a Working Holiday Visa to work in Canada next season. They provide a 2-year visa for countries such as Australia and the UK. However, they may only offer 1-year visas for Countries such as Austria and Chile. Read International Experience Canada participating countries on moving to Canada to determine if your country is eligible and for how long. Once you have your Visa, you will have to go through a recruitment process with the ski school of your choice. Having experience either on the slopes or working with kids will improve your chances of getting chosen to work for the ski school. Please contact us if you need any help with your Visa application or ski school application.


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