Ski instructor training with a guaranteed job.

Our internship programs are your surest way of getting a paid instructor position at a world-class resort in Canada.

Embark on an incredible winter season. Train, get qualified, and start working all within the same season.

Our ski Internship Programs


A commonly asked question. Which is best, an internship or a course?  Whilst there is no particularly wrong way of getting into the ski industry, an Internship is definitely one of the quickest. But is it right for you?

Internship v's Course

One of the hardest things can be getting into the snow sports industry. Most schools want to employee instructors with experience, but how do you get that experince when you’ve only just qualified? That’s where an Internship comes in.

Guaranteed Job

We run our internships at 4 vastly different resorts in Canada, each with its own attributes. Whilst you might be drawn to a particular resort, it’s worth doing some due diligence and thinking about what you want to achieve on your internship.


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Giving you the best start!

Many a career has been sparked with the promise of seeing the world. But as a ski instructor, you have a genuine chance to do just that. In fact, being a seasonal job, it’s pretty much a necessity.

So either do this full time or try to dovetail this profession into your existing career and keep your lifestyle fresh with some international travel in the winters.
There’s some amazing destinations on offer, to say the least. As the winter sports industry continues to grow, you can now ski, snowboard and instruct in around 2000 resorts, in more than 70 countries – and on all seven continents.

We train instructors on three of those continents, but with our globally recognised qualifications accepted across 37 nations, its up to you to decide what you do with them.


Winter Sports Company

Ski Instructor Qualifications Available

The Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance “CSIA” is the governing body in Canada. It is part of the ISIA and is highly regarded and recognised around the world. At Winter Sports we provide comprehensive training up to CSIA Level 3. Additionally, you can train in other ancillary courses from associations such as the Canadian Adaptive Snow Sports and Avalanche Canada.

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Our courses in New Zealand provide training towards the New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance “NZSIA” certified qualifications. There are again options to train up to Level 3, as well as compressed courses for experienced skiers wishing to reach L2 in the shortest period of time.

In Europe, we focus on the ‘BASI’ system which is The British Association of Snow Sports Instructors. BASI is again part of the ISIA and accordingly, recognised worldwide. It is also one of the few tickets that will let you enter the French system once having completed the speed test.

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