The best in the business is right at your fingertips.

We are obsessed with dragging you back to the Winter Sports Company until you have passed your Level 2 and beyond. It makes us feel good, you look good, jobs start flowing in, and it’s a win-win situation for all.

But not everyone wants to be an instructor. So understand how we structure these courses so they can benefit everyone. Our methods aren’t unique, but our approach is.

Fortunately, we are blessed with some incredible assets. Getting you further up the food chain involves a lot of hard work from yourself and us.

So get the most out of these programs by turning up with the right equipment, physically fit and mentally ready for everything. We will promise to uphold our part of the bargain and throw everything we’ve got at you!

Important ingredients to succeed

Levels 2 & 3 in any discipline or governing body become challenging. This is where you need some help. We cannot stress the importance of fitness at these levels nor having the right toolbox. Fortunately, we have your back and have provided an 8-week fitness program devised by our cross-fit coach, nutritionist & physical therapist. In addition to this, we have the finest snowboard coaches available and some unmatched conditions.  What you do with these elements depends on your success.



Start with the basics. Our instructors are masters of their trade and hell-bent on placing you on the edge of your comfort zones. It’s where you perform at your best.
You will learn so much more.
Of course, this is different for everyone, so absorbing the snowboarding tuition daily relies on good building blocks starting with your body.

WSC Fitness Programme


A level 1 internship is excellent for those wanting an entire season out in the resort and does not mind diluting their training with work. It’s a perfect gap year. Why not? However, these higher-level internships are where you get a lot more bang for your buck. They are often extremely limited but vital to keeping your progress soaring. It’s also a perfect way to get back in the game after uni.



Whatever you are thinking about Level 3, forget it. It’s a monster of a ticket, a considerable achievement, and unfortunately for most, it’s unobtainable in the 1st season. But sometimes, with the right conditions, you can at least nibble off a smaller chunk and get your Levels 1, 2 certificates & level 3 riding. Our 18-week program provides this platform.


“Just Great!”

Georgia - 26 Mar 2020

"I stayed in the Panorama resort doing the 11 week Snowboard instructor course. I enjoyed my time there very much and my snowboarding improved dramatically as well as my teaching. There were a few issues but WSC team were always on hand to sort out any problems and answer calls and messages. It was great that there was a person from WSC on site who would give us ideas on what we could do in the evenings and if we had an questions, they were there, so it was very helpful. Even when we left the resort they still stayed in contact and made sure everyone was doing OK. Booking was easy and you spoke with someone to make sure any questions or worries you may have had were answered and the courses were laid out and explained clearly so you could make the right decisions for yourself. A great company to choose for your winter sports needs".