9 week Ski Patrol Course, Revelstoke

Course Type All Mountain | Career Break
Dates 6th Jan - 9th March | 23rd March
Price From £8750
Venue Canada- Revelstoke
Qualifications Ski Patrol Modules | NUEC Level (A)3 | AVSAR 1 | AP | Companion Rescue
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About the Trip

Ski Patrollers are part of an elite management team, and employees must be well-prepared and trained to a very high standard. It’s not for the faint-hearted and requires a good level of skill to get around the mountain in all conditions. You learn to rescue and administer first aid on the mountain, as well as avalanche control, search and rescue techiniques, rope rescue, and lift evacuation. It’s full-on but extremely rewarding.

You’ll be first on the mountain, preparing the slopes for the day, looking after injured guests and ensuring everyone gets down safely when the mountain closes. You’ll learn about and get certified in outdoor emergency patient care, avalanche control, air rescue, helicopter orientation, toboggan handling, mountaineering and many other essential and fascinating skills that will help you find work within the Ski Patrol Service. Ski Patrollers require some specialist equipment which you will receive on loan during your course, ensuring you get real hands-on experience with patroller-grade avalanche safety gear.

  • CPR – BLS for Healthcare Professionals
  • Advanced Protocol Training
  • Aerial Lift Evacuation & Self Evacuation
  • Avalanche Search & Rescue Level 1
  • Incident Investigation
  • Helicopter Orientation, Air Evacuation, Air Rescue
  • Companion Rescue module
  • Mentoring
  • Non-Urban Occupational Emergency Care, Level (3) A
  • Rope Rescue
  • Patient Extrication & Evacuation
  • Risk Management
  • General Patrolling
  • GPS & Compass Orientation
  • Intro To Back Country Module
  • Snow Ready Fitness Programme
  • Qualified to work anywhere in the world
  • Guaranteed job interviews for the top achievers
  • Safety skills to progress into the back-country
  • Improved risk management awareness
  • One-to-one mentoring with the Mountain Ops Team at Revelstoke
  • Gateway to vocational employment options
  • Strong first aid skills to apply to any industry
  • Avalanche-Search and rescue techniques with specialist-trained Avalanche dogs.
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Valley Retreat Lodge

We have sourced some of the best accommodation for your stay in Revelstoke, a fantastic large house which is frequently used by the Redbull, Billabong and Von Zipper pro teams. Chosen not just for its sublime location but also its ability to house you all in absolute comfort with amazing facilities and not feel overcrowded. Huge living area, family-style dining area and a plethora of nice touches like the hot tub, the garage like no other and the spacious bedrooms, all with ensuite facilities.

The Garage is incredibly well-equipped with sofas, a bar, Redbull Fridge, boot heaters, equipment racks, drying racks, service benches, tools, a huge gas heater and a sound system. If its good enough for the pros it’s good enough for WSC.



Revelstoke has, for some people, no equal. Often referred to as the backcountry capital of the world and has many visitors each year coming to experience the industrial amounts of snow and the amazing conditions in some of the most jaw-dropping scenery around. The mountain is a huge imposing sight towering above the resort village, with many folks making the pilgrimage out here to experience everything it offers and soak up the friendly vibes around town.

Revelstoke is a working town and really well equipped with all you need during your time in Canada. The culture and people make it a lively place, yet it maintains a laid-back atmosphere and equal measures of cafe culture and nighttime shenanigans. Come and see for yourself why people like to get Revelstuck. Believe us, the only regret you’ll have is why you didn’t come here sooner!

Breakfast and Dinner

If it’s one thing we want you to do. It’s to stay fuelled up.

4 breakfasts and dinners per week are included with your course, meaning you’ve got time to relax and concentrate on what’s important. Our in-house chef will be preparing healthy, hearty meals so that you can stay powered up after a hard day on the slopes. It’s vital that you get a varied, nutritious diet. We cater for most dietary requirements if given enough notice. 

We leave some evenings to head into town to sample one of the restaurants in the town, of which there are many and of excellent quality. The town is brimming with restaurants and takeaways from all corners of the globe. Nepalese, Indian, Mexican, Thai,  French and, of course, the infamous Canadian mountain food. All this is a 5 minute drive from the house.


About the location
Meal Plan

Training Package

Training covers 15 modules. A full breakdown of module content can be found on our ski patrol qualifications page.

  • Module 1: CPR – BLS for Healthcare Professionals
  • Module 2: Non-Urban Occupational Emergency Care, Level 3 with OFA Level 3
  • Module 3: Advanced Protocol Training
  • Module 4: Rope Rescue
  • Module 5: Aerial Lift Evacuation & Self Evacuation
  • Module 6: Patient Extrication & Evacuation
  • Module 7: AVSAR Level 1: professional prerequisite for the Avalanche Operations Level 1
  • Module 8: Risk Management
  • Module 9: Incident Investigation
  • Module 10: General Patrolling
  • Module 11: Weather & Nav
  • Module 12: GPS & Compass Orientation
  • Module 13: Mentoring with Mountain Ops Ski Patrol
  • Module 14: Multiple Companion Rescue Scenarios, Avalanche Mitigation, Avalanche Rescue Dog Training
  • Module 15: Heli Evacuation Simulation

Specialist Equipment

All specialist equipment required for training is provided as part of the course.

You will receive a pack with all the essential equipment required to work with the ski patrol. Items include Avalanche safety gear: probe, shovel, and transceiver. Backpacks are on loan and must be returned in good condition. They can be purchased at the end of the course in the resort if requested.

Additional Training Options

For extra patrol training early booked candidates could sign up to the professional Avalanche Operations Level 1. Alongside this, it is possible to further advance your skiing after your Ski Patrol Course through enrolment a 12 to 18 days of further training, or a 3 to 4 week backcountry course. Ask for details.

Optional Certifications

There is also the opportunity to complete your CSIA Level 1, 2 and 3 modules and exams.

Visa Assistance & Job Opportunities

We have partnerships and connections with several sports schools across the world. We can offer guidance to help you to find employment as a patroller once your qualified.

We provide comprehensive advice and assistance when applying for working holiday visas.

Snow Ready Fitness Plan

Created for Winter Sports by a personal trainer & instructor, this 8-week pre-season fitness programme targets the muscle groups used in skiing & snowboarding. It will ensure you are snow-fit in time for the start of your course.

Snow Ready Fitness programme

Not included in the course price is the core textbook. Outdoor Emergency Care – 5th Edition costs approx £89.99 and must be purchased before the course start date.


Weekly Schedule

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Ski Patrol training is provided 4-5 days a week, typically Monday-Friday. Mentoring and shadowing the Patrol team is often then scheduled for days over the weekend, plus a two week period at the end.

Week One

Settling in, resort orientation and acclimatisation. Introduction to general ski patrolling. Rope Rescue.

Week Two

Aerial lift evacuation & self evacuation, introduction to GPS & Compass, Risk Management and Incident Investigation.

Week Three

Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 and mentoring with Ski Patrol

Week Four

Non-Urban Occupational Emergency Care, Level 3

Week Five

Non-Urban Occupational Emergency Care, Level 3

Week Six

Advanced Protocol, Patient Extrication Evacuation, Heli-Orientation & Air Evacuation

Week Seven-Eight

On-mountain mentoring with Revelstoke Mountain Ops

"What an incredible experience!"

Roger Gibbon - 6th March 2022

"Rik, Emma and Rob were brilliant. They were unfailingly helpful and eager to help make the experience the best it could be. I was constantly amazed how WSC team were constantly thrown curve balls, that they took in their stride, making sure every one got the courses and experience necessary to become instructors or ski patrollers and have great time while doing it. The ski patrol course in particular is a very special opportunity that is hard to be beat. If you are serious about becoming a patroller this is the real deal."

Bolt on courses

Because it’s not just about becoming an instructor! Add on something extra, whether another qualification or simply something for fun or on your bucket list. You’ll be able to sign up for your bolt on’s well in advance before you depart, and will be sent a link to all the available courses for your stay. There’s something for everyone and everybody’s budget. Want to look a little more in-depth, look at our dedicated Bolt-On page.

Avalanche Skills Training Level 2

Building on the AST Level 1 as a prerequisite, you will be spending time in the backcountry and staying overnight in a lodge learning more advanced techniques and receiving a higher understanding of Avalanche control, rescue, mitigation etc.

Off Piste & Powder

Learn to ski deep on North America’s most vertical mountain resort, with over 1,700 metres of elevation, filled with pure heaven to enjoy. Get to grips with the skills needed to tackle the hidden runs through some of the most exhilarating runs in BC.

Heli-Ski/Board (1 day experience)

Landing on top of the world in a deserted, pristine snowfield with endless untouched slopes will, without a doubt, be one of the best feelings you will ever experience.


This amazing experience combines the air and the snow, an original and extremely fun experience. With both a wing and skis, you can carve down the slopes and then take to the air.


Enhance your CV and give the resort director another reason to hire you. Gain your BCSF smart sledging course certificate and use it for future employment.

Ski & Board Tech Tips

This course covers routine tuning, maintenance, fitting and basic repair work.

Intro to Ski Touring

Step out of resort boundaries and gain knowledge on the slack country with this 2 day Bolt on. Going through the equipment used and techniques needed to venture out further, with fun and safety in mind.

Guided Backcountry Tours

Once you are at a confident level, we can arrange for you to go on Guided tours throughout the Selkirk Mountain range. Or you can add a 3-week back-country course to the end of your patrol programme.

What is included


An impressive snow base falls early in the season, and Revelstoke continues to receive fresh powder all season. As a result, Revelstoke is an ideal resort to learn all the facets of becoming a ski patroller. There is all the terrain you could want for 9 weeks of training. You’ll soon tackle it all, from powder bowls and terrain parks to piste-perfect groomers and mogul fields. Revelstoke is a vibrant and friendly place, it will capture your heart and won’t be long before you want to call it home.


Outbound and return transfers are included from Kamloops/Kelowna Airports if flights are booked through us. Ask for more details.

Shared accomodation

Enjoy plush accommodation during your stay; spacious, warm and welcoming is how you would describe your new home with some like-minded friends. Enjoy comfy beds and huge living conditions to cater for all moods.  Small group dynamics in spacious surroundings. 20 mins walk from the resort, or 2 mins drive and 7 mins from town. Be awestruck by this beautiful home in stunning surroundings right on the edge of the Colombia River.

Meal Plan

Your meal plan will include four breakfasts and dinners per week cooked by our in-house chef. The option to cook yourself on days off or in between the meal plan is possible. Otherwise, weekly visits to the vibrant town of Revelstoke will be par for the course. Too many good restaurants not to make the most of. Dont miss the best bakery in BC!

Season Lift Pass

Your lift pass is season long. This means if you decide to add additional weeks, your lift pass will be valid.

Lift pass benefits include discounts in selected shops and restaurants and on some activities, equipment rentals, maintenance and repairs.

Resort Representative

A rep is in the resort to oversee the course. Reps are knowledgeable about the resort, qualifications and training and have often taken part in the course previously. Or you will be looked after by the directors themselves. Cannot expect you to have all the fun to yourselves!

Training Package

Ski Patrol training is provided 4-5 days a week, typically Monday-Friday. In addition, mentoring and shadowing the Patrol team is often scheduled for days over the weekend, plus two weeks at the end.

Heli Skiing Bolt on

Landing on top of the world in a deserted, pristine snowfield with endless untouched slopes will, without a doubt, be one of the best feelings you will ever experience. This is easily added to your package at the end, should you wish.

Weekly Socials

If you want to relax, read a book, or watch a movie, then the opportunity is there. Otherwise, Revelstoke town has plenty of venues to keep you entertained throughout the season. With live bands, pool comp night, winter festivals and resort entertainment, there is plenty for those wanting some nightlife to balance out those big activity days.

Not Included

FLIGHTS (add flights for an extra £650)
MEALS (lunches and Weekends)
BACKCOUNTRY (3-14 day Backcountry experiences are also a possibility at the end of this course.)

Dates & Prices

Course Dates Quad Room Double Room Single Room Flights

9 Week Ski Patrol Programme

6th Jan – 9th March





Compressed Level 1 & Ski Patrol 11 Weeks

6th Jan – 23rd March




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If you are an intermediate to advanced skier wanting some new challenges in a venue which will test your skills to the max, then look no further than Revelstoke. A real mecca for the powderhounds and pros. Why not learn some lifelong skills with one of the best Mountain Ops teams in the world and decide if you have got what it takes. For those less confident on skis then maybe Sun Peaks or Panorama will be more suited to you. Either way click on the link or use the callback function to get in touch and we can give you all the information you need to decide if its a good fit for you.

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