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Are the flights included ?

Yes. Flights are included within your package; we will book them and amend them based on your needs.

Are transfers included ?

Outbound and return transfers are included as standard with all bookings including flights.

Can I extend my trip ?

Yes you can extend your course. Contact us and we can help you extend and adjust your course to your needs.

Can I have my own room ?

Having your own room can defiantly be sorted; it will cost more, though.
Feel free to contact us and ask about prices. Also, feel free to read our blog about accommodation.

Can I rent gear ?

Renting gear is defiantly available. However, if you are doing a whole season, we recommend buying the equipment as the price to rent will be a lot for the entire season. It would be better to purchase personalized gear that suits you. If you are worried about money, you can always sell it all at the end of the season. This will defiantly work out cheaper than renting.
Have a read on our blog about equipment to see what we recommend!

Can my friends/family come and visit me ?

Of course, they can. Friends and family can visit you whenever; you could even use them to practice your teaching. In addition, resorts can offer discounts for staff on extra passes for family etc. So it’s worth having a look into.

Do you cater for dietary requirements ?

Of course!
Most of our courses include a meal plan as standard. Whether it is a medical requirement or a personal choice, the restaurants we use are very experienced in catering for various dietary needs. Whether you suffer from an allergy (such as a nut, dairy, soy, fish or gluten) or follow an eating lifestyle (such as a pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan diet), we can ensure you will be well fed.
We aim to use restaurants where customers can choose from a menu. This means you have several options each night instead of a set menu. Meaning that even the fussiest eaters can find something they will like each day.
If you are concerned about dietary requirements, we can offer self-catering options and a discount. Please contact us for more information about nutritional needs.

How do you decide rooming ?

A complex algorithm based on years of study and research. Failing that, numerous conversations with Emma and Rik, or based on gender, age and interests. On the off chance we get a clash of characters, there can be the possibility to move rooms should we need to, but it’s very rare!

How much spending money do I need?

How long is a piece of string?
We are asked this question a lot – and it is tough to answer.
The amount of spending money you need for a ski instructor course depends on your lifestyle.
Joining a fully inclusive course which includes flights, transfers, meals, accommodation, and a lift pass means you won’t need as much money as a self-catering course. We have known clients to manage on around $50 a week by spending wisely. For example, a budget can go a long way if you buy groceries to make meals that aren’t included in the dining plan.
As you will be living in a ski resort, there will be a lot going on at weekends and in the evenings. This is why we recommend budgeting for a few nights out and some additional activities – plus, it is a nice treat to buy lunch on the mountain occasionally.
We recommend budgeting in advance for any additional courses or exam fees that aren’t included in your package. Your booking documentation clearly clarifies what is and isn’t included in the package. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Is food included ?

In most cases, food is included. However, this may vary depending on the course. If you click on the courses you are interested in, it will tell you the food plan.

Is there someone to support me during the season ?

We have reps in the resorts to help you set up and settle in. You may have a rep that stays all season if you are lucky. If not, we are only a phone call away and know many people in the resort who will be able to help you.

Should I buy gear in resort or at home ?

That is entirely up to you, sometimes buying in a resort could be better as you can have the chance to try out the equipment before you buy it. Take a read of our blog on equipment here to decide what’s best for you.

What financial protection do you offer ?

We include ATOL certificates to prove your money is bonded until departure. This is for all our UK & European bookings with flights or Financial Failure Protection for all our UK & European bookings without flights.

When is the last application deadline ?

This is very dependent on which resort you are going to, so give us a message if you know where you want to go. However, the first main hurdle with the Internship program is ensuring that you have your visa. Due to it being a lottery with great odds, it is still a lottery and means you have to be in it to win it. So. GET. IN. EARLY. You can always defer your visa or pull out halfway if you decide against it. However, getting the visa is the main hurdle to having an interview with the Snowschools, which generally happens between July to September. You will be lucky to pick up any internships beyond that, as they are in high demand.

Will I be able to receive post ?

Yes, you will. Just get the address from your resort rep; otherwise, it will be supplied during your onboarding process. Please leave ample time for it to arrive as post can be slow. Certain shipping/delivery companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL have different reputations in each area, so we will recommend what is best for the resort.

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