1. Contact us

If you give us a call, we can chat on the phone to see if we are a good fit for each other. This call will allow you to learn more about the company and what we do. We can also chat about the different courses to see what would best fit you based on time, skill, and budget. Use this call to ask any questions that you could find the answer to on our website or any make or break questions that may help decide whether you join us or not.
You can decide whether what we are providing is right for you from this call. If so, we can move on to the next step.

2. CV

Once you have decided you want to join us, and we have decided you have enough experience/motivation to do one of our courses, it is then time to provide us with your CV. This is to see if you are eligible to join us, especially if you are considering an internship. We need to ensure you have the right experience (things that the ski school will be looking for on your CV, such as experience working with kids). If you haven’t already got a CV written up check out our page on how to write a CV for help.


What we look for in clients …


  • Previous experience with kids preferably
  • previous experience in charge of a small group of people
  • willing to learn and ask questions
  • good teamwork

To help us gain a clearer picture of yourself, you will need some references with up to date contact details.


3. Interview

This will be an informal interview with us. It will be very similar to the phone call previously, just more in-depth now that we know you are serious about joining us. The interview will be to find out more about you and what you want out of your season. This will allow us to help personalise the season to your needs and help to ensure you’re on a course that suits you best. This will also let you ask any essential questions before deciding to move on to the next step.

4. First deposit

On successful acceptance, you will pay a £300 deposit. You all might see this as the scary step, paying over the money and starting to commit to moving far away. However, we see this as the fun step, the first proper step to beginning the season of a lifetime.

Read more here about deposits, when they are due and our refund scheme.

5. Visas

If you are looking into doing an internship with us, the next step will be entering you into the visa pool. However, suppose you are just doing a Course with us. Then, you will only need a travellers visa, and we can worry about that later on as it is straightforward in most cases.
Working Visas, the visa system can be daunting at times; however, we will provide you with a visa guide to help you through the whole process. We will also be available if you get stuck and need to ask any questions. Getting into the Visa pool is the first step of this process, and sometimes it can take a while to hear back. When applying for a working visa, however, you will need to provide evidence of a job offer, so this is the chance to begin applying for your job at the ski school. Once again, we will help you with this, but your own confidence and charm will help you get the job. In most cases, when applying for a job with the ski school, you will send in a CV and then have an interview. It will be very similar to our process; instead, the interview will be more formal.

6. Getting organised

This is your chance to get everything sorted. You can see what you still need to get done, organise what you are in the middle of, and tick boxes on what is completed.

  • Have an interview with ski school: Tick
  • Sort an insurance plan: …

You need to ensure your Visa process is all running smoothly and check you have provided everything necessary so that you can work abroad. You will need to get an insurance plan that covers the whole time you plan to stay in the country. Sometimes you might not be granted your full 2-year VISA if you, for example, only have insurance to cover the singular season. Give us an email or call to find out more information on this. You will also need to sort out a banking system, this will be so that the ski school can pay you over the season. Give us a message to see what we recommend.

You will also want to make sure you have all the proper clothing and equipment for your season. Check if your ski jacket still fits you, make sure you have fleeces and thermals and if not, head to the shops. You don’t need to come to your season with all your gear; if you want to get skis, poles etc., out in the resort, that’s okay. However, we recommend researching what equipment you are looking to buy and whether the resort has it in stock to avoid disappointment. Read more here about what skis we recommend for your course and what snowboards we recommend. 

Use this time to look into bolt-ons and decide which ones you want to participate in. To see what bolt-ons are available in your resort, look at the bottom of your course page or give us a call.

Also, let us know your sizes and preferences for some WSC clothing and freebies ???? 

7. One more zoom call

A final zoom call with the Snow School HR team before receiving your contract