Ski PatrolCourses

Ski Patrol Courses – take your career to the next level.

It’s hard to imagine a job that gets much more exciting than becoming a Ski Patroller and being able to save lives on the slopes.

Responsibility, urgency, calmness under pressure means a career as a Ski Patroller can be challenging– not to mention the physical and mental test. Having said that, you’ll be working in some of the most amazing snowy landscapes imaginable, and as a first responder, you’ll be doing one of the most rewarding jobs there is – saving lives as a Ski Patroller.

Our unique, all-inclusive Ski Patrol Courses provide all the training, skills and practical experience necessary to work in emergency response as a ski patroller anywhere in the world.

All required Ski Patrol qualifications

  • Patroller Training Program Certificate (Peak)
  • Non-Urban Occupational First Aid 3 (NUOFA 3 – Peak)
  • Occupational First Aid Level-3 (OFA Level-3 – WorkSafe BC)
  • CPR Level C for Healthcare Providers (CPR HCP – Heart & Stroke Foundation)
  • Non-Urban Cardiac Arrest Management: AED Protocol (NUCAM – Peak)
  • Advanced Protocol Training Program (Peak)
  • Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 (Canadian Avalanche Association)

What you’ll get

Everything organised for you

We sort out all the logistics, so you can concentrate on just enjoying the ski patrol course. Ticket includes flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, training exams and season lift pass.

Ski Patrol Training from the best

Our Ski Patroller Training Courses are provided with Peak Emergency Response Training and endorsed by the Canada West Ski Area Association. Peak has been delivering emergency response and management training for professional ski patrollers, search & rescue personnel, CAT and heli-ski guides since 1998.

12 days Ski Patrol mentoring

The Ski Patrol Training programme includes 12 days mentoring with the Patrollers and Avalanche Technicians in resort. So not only will you be familiar with the theory – you’ll have a chance to put your knowledge to the test, and get invaluable insight and advice from seasoned vets.

Specialist equipment and reading materials

Specialist equipment is provided for all ski patrol course modules and some reading materials during the course are provided.
Not included in the course price is the core textbook. Outdoor Emergency Care – 5th Edition costs approx £89.99 and must be purchased prior to the course start date.

Level of expertise that exceeds most other first responder training
Our ski patrol training programs provide the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently manage incidents and administer patient care in situ – the low temperatures, rugged terrain and remoteness of the snowy backcountry.

Mountain activities bring recreation enthusiasts to outdoor and remote locations, where the advanced pre-hospital care provided by paramedics may not be accessible, or their response time significantly delayed. Our Ski Patroller Training Programmes bridge the gap between incidents and pre-hospital care, saving critical time by assessing and providing medical response to patients in immediate need of intervention.

40 hours of tuition per week
The variety of modules and courses throughout the programme vary in length, from half-days to 11 or 12 days. On average you will receive 40 hours of tuition per week.

At the end of the programme, you’ll be qualified to work with Panorama Ski Patrol as a volunteer.

Be ultra-employable

Combine Ski Patrol with an Instructor Course

Choose an extended 11 week course and you can gain a CASI Snowboard Instructor qualification or CSIA Ski Instructor qualification to add to your CV. Instructors have to be patient, dedicated and great with people – all skills which are just as, if not more vital, when working with Ski Patrol.

Likewise, when it comes to competing for instructor jobs, having a certification like the Peak Ski Patrol will make all the difference when it comes to getting your head above the crowd. So whether or not Ski Patrol is something you want to pursue, the course will stand you in great stead when it comes to getting a prime position on the slopes.

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