“This Snowboard Internship has been such a fun experience and is so beneficial for certifications at the next level and a career in the snowsports industry. Sun Peaks is truly the best place to be! the slopes are never crowded, the terrain is perfect for teaching, and our employers are so encouraging and supportive.” 

Katja Danielsson

I participated in the Snowboard Instructor Internship in Sun Peaks Canada during the season of 2014/2015. After finishing my CASI level 1 exam, I started to work for the Sun Peaks Resort Snow School. This program provides you with the requirements to succeed as an instructor. You get the necessary training and can directly start practising and improving your skills by working for the school. An enjoyable, valuable and important experience for your career and for taking the next level of certification. 

During the season I was there, I had plenty of time to participate in the CASI level 2 training the Snow School and Winter Sports Company provided. As a result, I had my CASI level 2 certification before leaving Canada. I hadn’t participated in similar programs with any company before, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I’m thrilled with my choice. The Winter Sports Company provided me with good service and support before my trip and on-site. After visiting plenty of Canadian resorts, I find Sun Peaks a great place to start your career as an instructor. It’s friendly, never super crowded, and has good/safe slopes to teach on. My employers were encouraging/supportive, and the size of the village makes it walkable, so you don’t need to drive a car as some Canadian ski resorts require.

CASI Snowboard Instructor Internship


Katja Danielsson – CASI level 2 snowboard instructor