So why is Sun Peaks Resort perfect for snowboard instructor training?

Perfect for snowboarders

Last night after a long day on the slopes with their instructor, Andy, and a few of the guys on our snowboard instructor training course got together for a drink at Masa’s bar.

We asked them, why snowboard when you can ski? They laughed, raised an eyebrow or two and all agreed it was because skiers never looked like they were having a lot of fun. “Anyway,” said Robbie “, I just have to go sideways. I skateboard, so I snowboard, and skiing is just rubbish.”

Mark laughed and pointed out how ridiculous skiers look when they fall. “They come apart like Mr Potato Head and have to scramble around looking for skis and poles to put themselves back together again.”

Mr King of cool, Forrest, stated the obvious. “I can ski – I choose to board.”

What did Mark learn in 2 weeks?

After 2 weeks on a snowboard instructor training course our guys were asked what they had learned.

This is the list – not comprehensive. We hope Andy approves.

  • Stance – relaxed with a good shape.
  • Getting rid of bad habits – the old chestnut – counter-rotation.
  • Head moves first, then shoulders, then knees, then toes – Is this a song?
  • Being challenged – jumping small kickers on the side of the slopes.
  • Of course better skills = confidence = more tricks.
  • Being part of a team – helping each other.
  • Girls (especially Zoe) scream when they go too fast.
  • Integrating with skiers – but only in the pub!

The WOW factor – Trees and Powder

And what is so special for snowboarders at Sun Peaks Resort? They were unanimous.

“The tree runs and the powder!”

After two winter seasons working in the Three Valleys in France and a whole week of snowboard lessons in Austria, Zoe had never snowboarded through a tree run until she came to Sun Peaks Resort. And not just one tree run. There are loads. And they are everywhere.

“It was carnage at first,” said Mark Breckon,” we would all pile up, or fall into tree wells. And just laugh.” However, Mark believes being part of a group you egg each other on, and you improve and progress far quicker. 

As his confidence grows and once he has his Level 1 Instructor certificate in the bag, he intends to head for the jumps and the rails in the park.

And the powder- what is this stuff at Sun Peaks Resort? None of our boarders had ever experienced this dry, soft, silky snow, which makes gliding through the trees much easier. It’s a pity they have to share it with the skiers. And where’s the ice?

And why we are so proud of our snowboarders?

They work as a team supporting the less brave and the less experienced. Emrys arrived to join the snowboard instructor training course, having spent only 2 hours on a snowboard on a hill in Wales. Just ask the guys how proud they are of his achievement. After 2 weeks on the course, Emrys now boards alongside his mates, some of who may have been riding for over 10 years.
And, of course, they all wear helmets! Even Robbie, who claims he has an oversized head, has found a helmet that fits. And more importantly it has saved him on several occasions. “There is nothing worse than catching a heel edge on the flat and banging your head on the ground.”

And what does a snowboarder do on an evening?

I was assured by our snowboarders that there is nothing better than sharing tea and biscuits in their rooms after training.  Ah – how nice.