What Is Heli-Skiing?

It’s only the coolest thing in the world. Heli-skiing is pretty much what it says on the tin. Forget the four-person chairlift to the top of a busy slope; heli-skiing has you taken in a private helicopter to the highest peaks, away from the crowds and noise, to ski down empty slopes with bottomless powder. No need to spend your day searching for the resort powder stashes; when you’re heli-skiing, it’s all powder, no matter where you go.

Heli-Skiing In Canada

You’ll be bouncing through deep powder like you wouldn’t believe. A snorkel won’t appear on the kit list, but you might need one!
How many holidays have you spent gazing up at the highest peaks, with the glistening bright white snow-caps taunting you, begging you to come and make fresh tracks? Heli-skiing takes you there. You’re dropped off at the top of those beautiful mountains, and it’s guaranteed your tracks will be the only ones on the side of the mountain! Some of our destinations have Heli-Skiing just next door! Check out RK-Heliski based at Panorama Mountain Resort.

The Best Things About Heli-Skiing

The Views

Oh, the views! If you think the sights are spectacular at the top of the highest lift in the resort. Well, they ain’t got nothing on what you’ll see heli-skiing. Not only will you take in the stunning panoramic views from the very top of the mountain, but the aerial views you will see during the helicopter ride are breathtakingly beautiful. Not even the best photographer on earth can do justice to what you’ll see.

Double, Triple, Quadruple The Ski Area

No longer does the ski area stop at the perimeters of the piste map. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of miles of untouched routes to explore – with more being discovered. Untouched powder? Definitely. Some of the steepest routes out there? You got it!
Whether you do one day heli-skiing or an entire holiday, you won’t be bored! Interested in booking the trip of a lifetime? Take a look at one of our Ski Safaris.

Is There Anybody Out There?

We all love gliding down an entire run without a care in the world, without encountering other skiers or boarders. But how often does it happen? Heli-skiing is the only way to guarantee slope after slope to yourselves. The peace and quiet you experience is out of this world – you’d quite easily make the assumption you’re the only people on the planet!

Bragging Rights

You’ve seen views others have missed, taken on steeps and powder like a pro, and quite literally been on top of the world – you went on holiday and conquered the mountain! Next time you see your mates, they’ll be green with envy at the experience you’ve had.

large helicopter on glacier in queenstown with people standing around it

How Much Does Heli-Skiing Cost?

It really depends on where you’re heli-skiing and what kind of package you’re purchasing. *Prices taken from RK-Heliski in Panorama, Canada* A 5-run powder adventure starts at $1300. A 3-run package starts at $1,125. Private group packages for you and your friends start at $6000. The most expensive tours can see you spend $15000.

The price of your heli-tour will vary greatly depending on your chosen location and tour operator. There are many to choose from, all offering different packages, so its worth shopping around.


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