Snowboard & Ski Instructor Summer Job Inspiration

You’ve been shredding and carving all winter, you’ve got that all important instructor qualification. Then suddenly, the snow melts away and you’re left thinking; what does a snow-sports instructor do in summer?



For some people, chasing the snow is all they dream of, for others the perfect life is spending half the year in the snow, half in the sun (or rain, if you choose to return to the UK!). Here we list a few suggestions about how to gain employment from season to season.

  • Follow the snow

    No longer are you bound by the European winter. There are world class resorts that plunge into winter as we enter into summer – New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and Chile are just a few to choose from. The season typically starts in mid-June, which means they are looking for instructors as the European/American season finishes.

  • Stay put

    Ski resorts are stunning in the summer months and many reopen once the snow has gone for hill walking, mountain biking and much more. If you can’t bear to leave the resort, you could train to be a mountain guide in the summer, or find work within the resort’s shops, hotels and bars.
    Remember, if you’re an EU citizen, then you can live and work anywhere in Europe, however if you fall in love with a resort further afield you will need to do your research about how to obtain a working visa.

  • Have the best of both worlds

    There are some amazing glaciers in the northern hemisphere, and the best part is that during the summer months you can be skiing in the morning and sunbathing in the afternoon. Unfortunately, you won’t get the fresh champagne powder of winter skiing – sorry, you can’t have literally everything! There may be heavy competition for ski/snowboard instructor jobs in glacier resorts, but it could be you that bags the job! Failing that there are plenty of hotels, shops and restaurants that will be looking for staff.
    Or, how about Ski Dubai? If you want summer and winter in the same place, you’ll find it here. Outside it is hot, hot, hot (you’ll be looking all tanned and gorgeous), but step into the indoor ski resort and it will be a nippy -1!

  • Teach a summer sport

    Sailing, scuba diving, surfing and kayaking – these are just a few summer sports that you could train to teach in summer. If you teach a sport, you should love that sport, so this is not one to do on a whim! But if you enjoy a summer sport as much as skiing or boarding, why not train to instruct both – if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life!

  • Seasonal work

    Plenty of places in the UK rely on seasonal workers – if you want to chase the snow in winter, then seasonal summer work in the UK could be a win-win for you.
    Coastal areas and outdoor pools often recruit lifeguards that are contracted for the summertime only (you will need a qualification).
    All tourist attractions have an increase in custom in summer, so check out the seasonal work opportunities at your local theme park, country manor, zoo, sea life centre or art gallery.


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