Lets Go Blazers!

Dance Champion!


Ice hockey is part and parcel of Canadian culture, which is why every year we host a trip to watch our’ home team’ Kamloops Blazers play at the Sandman Centre.

Watching ice hockey is a must for anyone spending a significant amount of time in Canada – as the national sport, you’ll be hard-pushed to avoid ice hockey. It is on screens in bars and restaurants everywhere you turn!

Experiencing a game live is something to tick off your bucket list during your time in Canada. Chomping down popcorn and mini-doughnuts, enjoying an ice-cold beer and ringing a bell when a goal is scored make sure the evening is filled with buzz and excitement.

Being a North American sport, the big screen plays a central role in the game’s enjoyment. From interviews rink-side to competitions and dance-offs, this year was extra special, as one of our own Winter Sports interns was crowned Dance Champion!

Of Course, ice hockey wouldn’t be the national sport without the occasional fight, and it didn’t disappoint this year.