New arrivals, hockey, Australia day and new instructors

January always packs a punch for Winter Sports! This January began with a level 1 CSIA course. Then, level 2 training started with a bang – and before we knew it, our January crew joined us, and it’s been fun, games and training ever since!

Level 1 Success!

A huge congratulations to everyone who passed their level 1 ski instructor course. A 100% pass rate for the Winter Sports gang meant celebrations all round!

There is no rest for the wicked, though, and level 2 training started the very next day for some!




New Arrivals

January is always one of our favourite months because we finally have everyone in the resort! On January 10th, many students from all over the world joined those who came out in November. This year we have guests from France, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Spain, Denmark, Germany and the UK! As a truly international training group, we party and train hard! 


Australia Day

Aussies party so hard they have an
entire day dedicated to just that! So, given that the land down under is 19 hours ahead of us here in Canada, what better excuse than to celebrate Australiaday in both time zones?
Celebrations started on the25th, with Australia and the hottest 100 and then on actual Straya Day in Canada on 26th January! This logic meant the Aussies in our group partied for around 48 hours – the beer jackets certainly helped during the swimsuit run!

Ice Hockey Trip

We wrote an entire blog on our ice hockey trip. But it still has to make it into our account of the best moments from January! See the Kamloops Blazers take victory over the Vancouver Giants was epic! Plus witnessing flying pucks, broken sticks, a real-life hockey fight, dance-offs, goals and eating our body weight in mini-doughnuts (we can’t forget the doughnuts!), the ice hockey game still goes down as one of the best evenings so far.

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ice hockey game in play